Kingsburns Distillery – From Dream To Dram


While working as a golf caddie in Fife, Douglas Clement had the dream to open a distillery at Kingbarns over 7 years ago. Not only did he raise the finance and built the distillery – today they launched their new make spirit, which is available for sale at the distillery shop.

The Kingsburns Distillery was opened on St Andrews Day 2014 by the Wemyss family owners and the founder, local man Douglas Clement. Distilling started in January 2015 and the Distillery Manager and his team are so delighted with the quality of the spirit being produced that it was decided to bottle the spirit for all to try.

Scotch Whisky has to mature for at least 3 years and a day in oak casks and so the launch of the new make spirit will give visitors and curious whisky drinkers a unique chance to sample the spirit before it is filled into casks to mature. The New Spirit Drink is bottled at 63.5%, the same strength at which the casks are filled and available for sale in 20cl bottles priced at £14.95.

Peter Holroyd and Douglas Clement.

Peter Holroyd and Douglas Clement.

Distillery Manager, Peter Holroyd, is delighted with the new bottling and commented: “It’s a great pleasure to share our new spirit with visitors. The spirit itself is an elegant, fruity and floral spirit and I can’t wait to see how it is going to develop into Scotch whisky over the coming years. I recommend that water is added to enjoy the fruity flavours at their best.”

Tours of the distillery include a taste of the new make spirt and can be arranged by contacting: +44(0)1333 451300 or booking on the website

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