Bagpipes, Beasties, and Bogles by Tim Archbold

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A delightful story from the pen of Scotland-based author and illustrator Tim Archbold. Quirky and hilarious, this story gets to the bottom of how bagpipes are really made.

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Bagpipes, Beasties, and Bogles is a delightful story from the pen of Scotland-based author and illustrator Tim Archbold. Quirky and hilarious, this story gets to the bottom of how bagpipes are really made.

Archbold uses his lively pen and ink drawings to introduce Charlie McCandlewick, who sweeps the bogle creatures of the night out from under the beds of wee Scots everywhere, on your stairs and away from your windows. But what does Charlie do with the beasties next?

Age Range: From 3 to 6 years

Format: Paperback

Size: 254 x 210 mm – 32 pages

Publisher: Floris Books

More story information:

Charlie McCandlewick is a nightsweep. But he doesn’t sweep chimneys! While children are tucked up safely in their beds, Charlie takes care of the bogle creatures of the night: the Nippers and Nabbers who hide under your bed, the Croakies who flap about in cupboards and the Whigmaleeries who wail at windows. But once they’ve been safely captured in his thistle-cloth bag, what does Charlie do with all the beasties?

This brilliant story from author and illustrator Tim Archbold will become a firm favourite with children and parents alike. Narrated in a hilarious, quirky style, with wonderfully illustrated beasties and bogles waiting to jump off each page, it will captivate readers until the final surprise twist.

Tim Archbold has illustrated over fifty books for children, often in his favourite pen and ink style. He was born in Northumberland and studied at Newcastle and Exeter Colleges of Art and Design. He now lives in Kelso in the Scottish Borders with his wife and two children.

“This funny and original story is told in a playful, conversational tone. The scratchy, Quentin Blake-esque illustrations are fantastic fun and offer plenty to explore and discover. Text and image together call to mind the darker outings of Dahl and Blake (think Revolting Rhymes) in giving the reader plenty of credit – Archbold knows that kids will more likely be thrilled and fascinated by his slightly sinister creations, rather than frightened. The creative use of language and expressive pen and ink illustrations challenge little ones to take ownership of the story, making this a book that will give them a gentle push towards reading independently.” – Inis Magazine

“The text varies from lyrical alliteration, to straightforward talking, to chaotic scrawling over the page providing the reader with a variety of reading experiences within the story. The illustrations are pen and smudgy ink, and add to the vitality and eccentricity of the story and characters. Now that I know that the bogle who steals socks is called a grunnoch, I just need my silent squirrel boots to deal with it!” – School Librarian

“The pictures are colourful and dramatic, with a lot of fun details to pore over … the book has some quite sophisticated ideas that will make you smile.” – Lothian Life

“A very quirky story, brilliantly illustrated to add to the style, character and Scottish sense of humour with which it is written.  An hilarious, tongue-in-cheek tale.” – EYE: Early Years Educator

“A great book which gives a real flavour of Scotland and its culture.” – Creative Steps

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