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    • Aiken-James - Father was Robert Aiken. Family came from Ballymena in 1700's to South Carolina.
    • Ainslie - I left Dundee Scotland June 2014 🙂
    • am Caudle -
    • Anderson - Family emigrated from Airdrie in early 1900's.
    • Anderson - I a wee Haggis
    • Anderson - My husband is also of Scottish descent...MacNeil of Barra.
    • Anderson - My husband's ancestors may have come to the US after the "Clearances" forced the Highlanders out of Scotland.
    • Archibald - We came to America in 1989. My wife, Heather Gilchrist Archibald and I, Bobby Archibald were both born and raised in Paisley.
    • Argo - My Grandmother's Mother's family came from Cody, Wyoming (Argo)
    • Armstrong - Grandfather Stillman Armstrong,b 1879 , son of Theodore Armstrong, b 1851 son of Stillman Armstrong b 1815 son of Richard Armstong b 1782
    • Armstrong - John Armstrong, Sr. (of Scots-Irish lineage) left Northern Ireland in 1811 for America.
    • Armstrong - Living in Ontario now. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    • Ashe - My 6x great-grandfather, Jacob Cockerham, came over in the early-mid 1700's.
    • Baker - Family became known as Scots-Irish, then on to Penn. then to NY? Where I am now in Char. sC
    • Bell - Originally from Mississippi..Looking for more of my roots!
    • Bell - My ancestors left the borders in the 1650's and landed in Maryland.
    • Bennie - I am 100% Scottish settled here in 2012 Santa cruz mountains
    • Berry - Berry, sept of Clan Forbes
    • Bethune - My grandfather, Alexander Bethune, left Inverness in 1905.
    • Bilbro - Descendants of John Porter MacFarland, b. 1750
    • Black - Black/Blacke,
    • Blaikie - Direct descendent of Robert the Bruce
    • Blair - Amo Probus! My Blairs got here in the 1600s
    • Blair - Our little Branch came out of West Virginia and Virginia.
    • Blaylock - Blaylock, a family of Clan Douglas, came to Virginia and North Carolina in the 18th century.
    • Bowie/MacDonald - Colorado Springs, CO
    • Boyd - Descendant of Robert and Elenor Boyd, and part of the Neosho, MO line.
    • Boyd - Great Grandmother Martha Jane Boyd
    • Brodie -
    • Brown - Living in Vermont, became a US Citizen in 2012 having emigrated here in 2007.
    • Brownlee - traced back to the 1600's thanks to my aunt Marj.
    • Brownlee - My family can be traced to the 1600s when the Duke of Hamilton gave Torfoot Farm (near Glasgow) to one of my ancestors.
    • Bruce - Came to America to work summer camps in 1998.
    • Bruce - My paternal grandparents were Clan Bruce and Clan Keith. My maternal grandparents were Clan Cameron.
    • Bryson - from Dunoon
    • Buchan (Bachand) -
    • Buchana - Rich Valley in Smyth County, Virginia
    • Buchanan - Born in Chicago, I never met my scotch grandfather.
    • Buchanan - My grandmother Jeanie Buchanan left Scotland in 1930.
    • Buchanan - Most all of my family names are Scottish...Buchanan, Blair, Wallace, McKenzie, Thornton, Douglas and on and on...
    • Burgess - Charles M. Burgess of Montrose came to Newton, Massachusetts to help start golf as a sport in the U.S.
    • Burnette - My first ancestor to America was John Burnett of Leys, Merchant of Aberdeen to Virginia in 1635. We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns!
    • Burns - My great great grandfather left Inverness in 1840
    • Byers - Originally:Ontario, Canada, Aunt traced roots to Ireland, but not farther. Dad found at Gretna Green we are Scottish. Plantation of Ulster?
    • Cairns - 1st generation in US, piper, Long Island Scottish Clan MacDuff member, L.I. Scottish Festival and Highland Games past chairman.
    • Callachan - mother and father from glasgow. I was in the navy stationd in holy loch.
    • Cambell - My Campbell relatives came from Islay, Scotland to Simcoe County Canada and from there a few siblings made their way to Seattle.
    • Cameron - Granddad moved over from Edinburgh to New England area.
    • Campbell - Alba Gu brath Gaelic for Scotland the Brave
    • Campbell - My family name is Bladen but we are linked to the Campbells.
    • Campbell - Campbell side of my family mainly originated in NYC and Northern NJ. Long story how I got out here in WNY.
    • Campbell - My family has been in the States since the early 18th century, but always stayed closely connected to our Scottish roots!
    • Campbell - Very interested in tracking down where our Campbell family came from.
    • Campbell - My paternal grandfather, Benjamin Edward Campbell, born Dunbartonshire County, Scotland 1893, came to USA 1925, became USA citizen 1948.
    • Campbell - i am a Campbell - Gilbreath descendant through my maternal side.
    • Campbell - Adopted as a baby
    • Campbell - Hear hear
    • Campbell - My grandfather, Charles Campbell, passed away in Newport, AR in 1955.
    • campbell - My 4th great grandfather was from nairn scotland and came to lay cornerstone on capitol building in raleigh nc.
    • Campbell - Great grandfather Francis Campbell left Ireland in the 1850's.
    • Campbelll - My branch of the family came to the Untied States in or around 1812.
    • Carr - I'm a Carr, born in Texas, Hawaii resident for past ten years. My DNA results are heavily Scottish, linking to several Clans.
    • Caruthers - Thomas Ewing was my 7x Great Grandfather...Thomas Ewing who married Mary Maskell, is the first EWING proven to have established his home in
    • Clark - My maternal great grand parents William and Mary Taylor left Glenluce Scotland and homesteaded in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1883
    • Clark - First generation. Proud to be Scottish and American.
    • Close - Born in Dundee, lived in Hamilton, Scotland. Moved to USA in 1997.
    • Cochran - This is for grandma Ruby Cochran-Davison, who passed away in Mesa,AZ in 2009.
    • Cochran - Proud to be a Cochran
    • Cochran - Till tracing it back to Scotland, through New Hampshire.
    • Cochran - Dated to Thomas 1700"s, 7 generations, at least!
    • Cochran - Family left Scotland in the 1700s.
    • Cochran - Grt Grnfather Levi thomas b.1840 Mecklenburg.NC
    • Cochran - We are fighters and I want to learn more.
    • Cochrane - My great grandmother was a Cochrane of Clan Cochrane
    • Cochrane - Northern Nevada
    • Cochrane - My Great Grandmother was a Cochrane.
    • Cochrane - Virtute Et Labore!
    • Coleman - My grandfather, Frederick S. Young was born in New Brunswick, Canada.
    • Collins - My Mother Elizabeth M Giblin left Glasgow/Greenock in the 1950's
    • Colquhoun - My GGGGrandfather, Archibald Colquhoun, from Skye to NC then MS. Other names: Donnell, Conerly, Lewis, Ray, Tullos, Patrick, Howell
    • Cooper - I was born in Scotland.
    • Cothron (Cochran) - The Cothron name, seems to be a strictly American derivative of Cochran(e).
    • Coutts - Family came to New Haven in 1894.
    • Covey - I'm a Fraser clan sept
    • Cowie - David Cowie a Sept of Clan Fraser - Grew up in Inverurie. Came to the US as a foreign exchange aged 17 student in 1981.
    • Cowie -
    • Crail - The first Crail in my family was Thomas Crail who came to Maryland in about 1740. His descendants ended up in northern Kentucky.
    • Crockett - All grandparents came from Scotland--Huie, McGeachy, Currie, Sneddon, Easdale and Crokett ( Scottish spelling?)
    • Cunningham - Great-Great Grandparents settled in the Eastern Townships of Quebec Canada
    • Cunningham - My Great Great grandfather left Scotland in 1769
    • Dale - The Dales emigrated in the early 1900s as carpet weaving established in New Jersey, my grandfather was a labor organizer as well.
    • Davidson - My family name is Dyson, but we are a part of the Davidson clan.
    • Davidson - I know very little about my great-grandfather, Ralph Davidson, who died in a mine accident in Hazard, KY in the early 1930's.
    • Davidson - James Davidson (Dad) immigrated from Tarfside 1954
    • Davis - My ancestor, Moses Davis immigrated to America in the 1700's and settled in the Carolinas.
    • Davisson - Daniel Davisson- Lynn Ironworks Ma.
    • Davisson - Daniel Davisson- Lynn Ironworks Ma.
    • dickie - Left scotland 2011
    • Dockery - Descendant from Bannertyne, a sept of the Campbell Clan
    • Dodds - My great-great Grandfather left Stockbridge, Scotland in 1830 and emigrated to Stockbridge in Michigan, a proud member of Clan MacDuff
    • Don - Long time looking for Scott's in Missouri
    • Douglass - My grandmother, Jane M. Randolph; Maiden name is Douglas originally spelled with two esses.
    • Dow - My grandfather was James Calderwood Dow and my grandmother was Georgianna Ogilvie.
    • Drummond - Born in and lived 46 years in Fife , now in Texas!
    • Duffus - In memory of my Grandmother.
    • Dunbar - My ancestor, Robert Dunbar, came to America in 1652.
    • duncan - Born in Edinburgh
    • Duncan - James Duncan, my 5th great grandfather who came to America in the 18th century--just one of my Scottish ancestors.
    • dunlop - Mary Underwood Dunlop Weber born in Ayr now live in Woming
    • Dunn - My Great Grandparents moved to what is now West Virginia during the Irish potato famine.
    • Elliot - Fortiter Et Recte
    • Elliott - We left Glasgow in 1972
    • Elliott - Proud to wear the colors!
    • Elliott - My family settled in Reidsville, NC; and Maggie Valley, NC.
    • Ewing - Here I am
    • Ewing - Audaciter!
    • Farquharson - Farquharson
    • Ferguson - President, Clan Fergusson Society of North America.
    • Ferguson - Actually my gggrandmother was the last ancestor to have the Ferguson surname at birth.......The family left Ayr in the 1750s.
    • Ferguson - my great grandparents
    • Ferguson - One branch from Stirling, other Ayr.
    • Ferguson - Proud of our heritage!
    • Ferguson - Fergusons in Toronto area (mainly Mt. Dennis and Weston). James Ferguson m. Annie MacDonald.
    • fleming - My grandfather times 3 left the Highlands in 1735
    • fletcher - my ggreatparents left scotland and fought in the war of independence
    • Forbus - Forbus, part of the Forbes Clan. Other Forbuses in Kerrville, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio/Austin/San Angelo areas.
    • Forkner - (Faulkner)
    • Fothringham - Several Jacobite ancestors emigrated, or were deported, from Angus, Scotland, to S. Carolina, USA, after the 1745 Jacobite rising.
    • Frazier - My grandfathers mother was a Frazier.
    • Frazier -
    • Frederick - My maternal great-grandmother was a MacRae
    • Gilbert - Lots of us spread all over the continent. From Clan Buchanan. The family has been in North America for at least 200 years.
    • gilchrist - Gilchrist spent a few years in Ireland before coming to US in 1800's
    • Gillie - My Great-Great-Great Grandfather Edwin McKeever left Perth in 1850.
    • Gillies - Hail from the Kingdom of Fife!
    • Glasgow - Hard to know precisely When our family got here but it was prior to revolution and they came through the Nova Scotia area
    • Glass - My Dad came to Medina NY in 1951 via Aberdeen Scotland.
    • Goodfellow - Goodfellow (affiliated with clan MacInnes). My GG and great grandfathers traveled to Philadelphia in 1870 to begin an construction company.
    • Gordon - Born and raised in Forres Scotland. Came to America in 1982
    • Gordon - Family name is Eady, a sept of Gordon
    • Graham - My grandfather came to US from Scotland.
    • Graham - Isle of Skye
    • Graham - A descendant of the Great Montrose, James Graham first Marquis of Montrose.
    • Graham - Samuel Graham, my 4g grandfather, married Susannah Twitty in 1809 in SC.
    • Graham - Moved over from Dundee in 2003.
    • Grandjean - My Great Grandfather - George Armstrong Brown of Edinburgh and Montreal, Canada. Clan: MacMillan
    • Grandjean - My Great Grandfather was also George Armstrong Brown of Scotland and Montreal Canada
    • Grant - My children are the first generation to be born outside of the U.K.
    • Grant - Chair of the big Burn's Night in Pittsburgh.
    • grant - My grandparents are George and Sarah Boone, Henry Tuggle Lee, our family crossed the Blue ridge MTS. with Daniel Boone.
    • Grant - My ancestors immigrated from Scotland in the late 1700's and settled in Maine.
    • Gwin - Mother's side of family (Ingrim) Colquhoun is clan name
    • Hanley - Born in Govan and my heart will forever be Scottish.
    • Hardie. - I am a branch of the Greenock tree.
    • Harkness - I was born and bred in Edinburgh, My heart will always belong to scotland
    • Hart - House of Gordon !
    • Hay - Thomas Selby, married Catherine Hay in Ashland County, Ohio. They were my 4th gg grandparents.
    • Hays - VP Clan Hay in America. In Mechanicsburg, PA since this takes it from the IP which, for me, puts it in weird places.
    • Henderson - A cousin has traced our ancestry to 1812, around Tennessee, but we haven't yet made the leap/connection back to Scotland.
    • Henderson - Henderson clan in Oklahoma City
    • Henry - My maternal great grandfather came from Scotland to Michigan. I was born there but I live in Texas now.
    • Hunter - I came to the U.S. In 1970, from Glasgow. Scottish/Irish roots. All my family still live in Scotland and Wales. Proud to be Scottish.
    • hunter - Proud member of Clan Hunter, USA and the St. Andrews Society of Detroit. My Great Grandfather John Hunter left Carluke, Scotland in 1856.
    • Hyslop - My family arrived in usa around 1945
    • Ingle - Clan Douglas
    • Ingram - My 5th Great Grandmother from Wellfleet Ma Elizabeth Cahoon
    • Irwin - My Irwin ancestors (Scotch-Irish) came to America in 1715, and later settled in Chester County PA. Our annual family reunion began in 1878.
    • Isbister - My wife and I scrambled our initials and renamed ourselves 'Makice' because it was a Scottish sounding combination that wasn't MacKie.
    • James McDonald - I do not know my family's place of origin in Scotland but they emigrated to some time during the 1840's-1850's.
    • jameson - I am half Jameson and half Stewart on my dads side need more info on tje Stewart side
    • Jamieson - My Great great grandfather Lauchlin Jamieson was born on Isle of Canna Scotland in 1809 and emmigrate toCape Breton Nova Scotia Canada.
    • Jamison - Sept of the Gunn clan, and James Gunn in particular.
    • Jardine - My family came to the United States in the 1920's looking for work in the coal mines.
    • Jarvie -
    • Jeffries - My mother Emmogene Young
    • Johnson - My father, Gordon Henry Johnson, a surgeon world wide.
    • Keith - Descendant of Cornelius Keith who was born in Scotland and settled in what is now Pumpkintown, S.C.
    • Keith - We live in the Northeast part of Oklahoma where here are other Keith families
    • kennedy - Kennedy Road through Markham/Scarborough is named for my family.
    • Kerr - Kerr and McVittie ancestors from Borders settled in southwest Michigan.
    • Kerr - My Kerr family has been in the US since the early 18th century.
    • Kerr - Tracking back to Ireland but have Scottish heritage in both sides.
    • kerr - Kansas city mo area
    • Kerr - Hornell, NY
    • Kerr - Father and Grandfater
    • kilgore - My Kilgores, John and Charlotte settled in The Cherokee Strip abt.1840.
    • Kilgore - Find your Kilgore kin on our page
    • Kilgore - I descend from a known Benjamin Kilgore, whose father was born in Ireland and came to live in Pennsylvania.
    • Kimberlin - My clan name is Nickell. My Grandmother was Susie Nickell. I loved her and all of her Nickell's family. John Nickell came in early 1700's.
    • Kincaid - I'm one of many Kincaid's across the US and Canada.
    • Kinsey - Heavy events athlete here!!
    • Kirk - Father left Glasgow Scotland 1956
    • Kirkwood - Family immigrated in 1957
    • Knott -
    • Knox - Love my homeland!
    • Lafield - Ancestors were from Aberdeenshire and Inverness.
    • Laing - Feel free to contact me, I have much info on the Laing Family in the US.
    • Lamb - My grandmother was a Boyd, married to a William Crawford Lamb and lived in Texas and Oklahoma.
    • Lamont - Clan Lamont Society in NA is supporting the purchase of the grounds with the Toward Castle ruins in Scotland. Its our home Castle join in.
    • Lamont - My great-great grandfather, Alexander Lamont, left Kilmarnock in 1822 and settled in Newcastle, NB .
    • Lamont - Ancestors from Lochgilphead
    • Lennex - Family tree
    • Leslie - My family is descended from Kincraigie Leslies in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
    • Leslie - On land settled by James Leslie 1832. His parents John Leslie and Letty Ann Boke, County Tyrone, arrived at New York 1819
    • Leslie - Big Leslie clan here in Canada! My great grandfather, Peter Watt Leslie, his twin boys, Peter and David, kids, grand children and Great grand
    • Lewis of MacLeod - Hold Fast.
    • LIttle - Grandfather, Arthur T Little, roots Fermangh, 3rd gen'n in Canada, lived in London, Ont. His Ahmic Lk summer home still owned by our family.
    • Little - My Grandfather, John Benton Little. Geneseo, NY
    • Lothian - Lothian sir name but mothers Scottish too - a MacDougall
    • Lowe - My family is from Kircudbright,. I am related to John Lowe of Kenmore castle who wrote Mary's Dream.
    • Lutz (Gordon) - We left Fofar when I was 6 years old. I miss all my relative and we see them this spring.
    • Lynn - Ulster plantation Scots Linn of Ayshire Scotland
    • Maartin - My Martins are Irish but married into MacKinnon while in Canada.
    • MacAlister - Grandmother was MacAlister. Her father was Wood. His wife was Campbell. Her father was Wallace.
    • MacArthur - Great Grandfather " Carpenter" John MacArthur came to Eldon Township Ontario Canada approx 1854 -possibly from Skye
    • MacCallum - MacCallums have lived here since 1790.
    • MacCallum - grandparents from the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond!
    • MacDonald - Native of Cape Breton Island. My family came to Nova Scotia from the Isle of Lewis in 1804.
    • MacDonald - First generation of MacDonalds from our family to immigrate. We left Scotland in 1997 and have lived in Airdrie Alberta since then.
    • MacDonald - MacDonald's Fremont, MI since about 1880 from Upper Canada......
    • MacDonald - Great great great great great Grandparents were from Scotland by way of Canada then Ohio
    • macdonald - my mother, Sarah McConnel Richmond left Scotland in 1920 for NYC
    • Macdonald Kyle - move to Canada in 1973 from Scotland, currently i live in Castlegar, BC
    • MacEwan - Descendant of the MacEwan clan of Dundee Scotland.
    • MacEwan - My great grandfather left Dundee and landed in Chicago in 1903 - Peter M'Ewan aka MacEwan
    • MacEwan - Daughter of George E MacEwan, son of George Bruce MacEwan, son of Peter M'Ewan - Dundee Scotland
    • MacFarland - Arthur McPharlin, born in Arrochar, Scotland, circa 1771, came to the U.S. in 1788.
    • MacFarlane - Highland Dancer/Teacher/Judge Direct Descendant of John Knox
    • MacFarlane - Ancestors from Scotland part of the MacFarlane clan
    • MacFarlane/Lennox - Tracked my ancestors back to 1350 to Duncan Lennox. Loch Sloy!
    • MacGraw - Great grandfather William MacGraw lived in Pittsburgh Pa.
    • MacGregor - Our MacGregor Clan Society- The American Clan Gregor Society was founded in 1909 and has been active ever since. We have a very vibrant org
    • MacGregor - Would like to go to Scotland for our 25th Anniversary
    • macian - proud member of clan donald. macdonald of glencoe ( macian ).
    • MacIntosh - My grandfather George Ritchie was from Fraserburgh and my Grandmother Marion Ritchie (nee Aitken) from Glasgow area.
    • MacIntosh - I'm a mixed breed for sure, but do have Scottish ancesters.
    • MacIver - Murdo> George> Ruth> John
    • MacIver - Great grandfather left Inverness about 1885
    • Mackay - My family is from the Clans MacKay, Forbes, and Sutherland.
    • MacKay - My great grandfather left Sutherland in th late 1800.
    • Mackay - Left Scotland in 1979
    • MacKenzie - My 4th great grandfather left Scotland and came to America.
    • MacKinnon - This is great!
    • MacKinnon - Kirkpatrick, Mull
    • MacKinnon - Our people are from the Inner Hebrides
    • MacKinnon - Ancestors from Isle of Skye; great grandparents emigrated from Scotland to Prince Edward Island in the 1870s
    • MacKinnon - My Father left Inverness, Cape Breton in 1945.
    • MacKinnon - Sudury and Lively
    • MacKinnon - My father, Neil MacKinnon, was born in Glasgow in 1943. He came to America when he was 16 years old.
    • MacKinnon - Great grandparents from Scotland and grandparents from Canada
    • mackinnon - dad from chettie camp n.s.canada
    • MacKinnon - Ancestor - Angus MacKinnon from Cape Breton, NS, 1856-?
    • MacKinnon -
    • MacLachlan - McLachlan Hats - the largest manufacturer of fine men's felt rough hats in the USA ca.1930. Danbury, Connecticut - The Hat City.
    • MacLachlan/McLaughlin - Pvt. James J. MacLachlan from Inverness, Scot to Buffallo Valley, Pa, Then on to settle Columbiana County, Ohio. Burial, Bethyl Prebyterian
    • Maclean - I was born and raised in Scotland.
    • MacLean - Originally from Dalcross, Invernesshire Scotland.
    • Maclean - My g-g-grandfather, John McClane, left Scotland in about 1860 and came to America.
    • MacLean - I live in Syracuse, NY But I am sure that I am just a Misplaced Scot.
    • MacLean - Family is originally from the Isle of Mull. I immigrated to Canada in the 1960's
    • MacLean - My family came from Tarbet on Loch Lomond
    • MacLean - MacLean West- Edmonton
    • MacLean - MacLean of Duart
    • MacLean - Changed to McClain. Descended from Ephraim MacLean.
    • MacLean - My Great Great Grandfather came over from Nova Scotia in the mid 1800's.
    • MacLellan - My family left South Uist for Canada during the clearances
    • macLeod - My Family originated in Harris, Outer Hebrides.
    • MacLeod - Originally from Scotland - very proud of my heritage.
    • MacLeod - Sept Norman and RVP-Clan MacLeod USA
    • Macleod - Commissioner of Regional Center Missouri Valley Region Clan MacLeod USA
    • MacLeod - Great Grandfather and Grandmother left the Isle of Lewis in 1882
    • MacMillan - Third generation Scottish-American, father born in Phialdelphia, his father emigrated from Glasgow.
    • MacNab - The pres. of the Clan MacNab Soc. of N.A. lives in Prescott, Az. and you can reach him at: 928-771-1218, or
    • MacNab - Derek Abbott of the Clan MacNab
    • MacNeil - My MacNeil line is on my mother's father's side and settled in Nova Scotia.
    • MacNicol - Our people came from Skye. My grandfather lived in West Liberty, Ky. Where my mother was born. GF name: Alonzo Nickell mom/Carrie M. Nickell
    • MacNicol - Ancestors come from Isle of Skye
    • MacNutt - My family came from Scotland, to Ireland, to the USA and finally to Nova Scotia, Canada! Ciad Mille Failte!
    • MacPherson - Also a Kerr
    • MacPherson - Alba gu bràth!
    • MacPherson - Clan MacPherson, but mother's maiden name Clarke
    • Macpherson - My MacPherson ancestors came to NC in the early 1800s.
    • MacQueen - My great Grandfather was David MacQueens Russell in Oswego. His mother was Grace Fraser MacQueens from Ont. Canada
    • MacRae - Our family settled here after Archibald MacRae settled in Tennessee
    • MacRae - Great grandfather John MacRae and my grandfather Hugh and great uncle Edgar left Hawick around 1915
    • MacVurrick - Feren, Scotland 1638
    • Marshall - We are Clan Keith with ties to Clan MacPerson via the Gillespie sept.
    • Marshall - My father Irvine Marshall born in Glasgow moved to Illinois In 1976
    • Marshall - Marshall surname of the Keith Clan. Father, Walter Leslie Marshall, left Barry Wales in 1923.
    • Marshall - my father, Walter Leslie Marshall, emigrated to the UnitedStates in the 1920's
    • Marshall (Clan Keith) - Grandfather came over from Scotland as a boy.
    • Maule - My maternal grandmother, Annie Hutton Maule, came to the US after WW1.
    • Mc Neill - Neill McNeill left Kintyre in the early 1700s, his grandson married James Campbell's grand daughter.
    • McAdam - My side of the McAdam family fled from Scotland after supporting Rob Roy then spent 99 years in N. Ireland before traveling to Louisiana.
    • McAdam - Michael Paul McAdam Timonium, MD here
    • McCabe - Mike McCabe left Glasgow 1999. Daughters Molly and Breonna.
    • McCallister - My great, great grandfather Printess McCallister lived in WV. Father was James McCallister mother Mary McCloughlin. They were born overseas.
    • McCartney - My grandfather came to Philadelphia from Liverpool in 1923. Returned to Scotland in 1924/5. I arrived in 1978.
    • McCauslin - Not sure of timeline, but our history goes from Scotland to Ireland, into Nova Scotia and Ontario, then into the Michiana area of the States
    • MCCLAIN - My grandfather, Art moved to Woodstock, IL after growing up in Nebraska.
    • McClain - Ancestor came to Kentucky in 1784
    • McClain - my family is a sept of the clan also.we have traced our family back to the 11th century.
    • McClane - MacLean - Clan MacLean Grandson of George (Jack) McClane
    • McCluskey - My Father, . Joseph P McCluskey lived in Coatbridge, Scotland D O B 11-21-01
    • McCluskey - My Father Joseph Patrick McCluskey was born in Coatbridge, Scotland in 1902 arrived in Ellis Island on the Cameronia on Aug.8, 1923
    • McCollum - The first McCollums came to New York State in the 1740s.
    • Mccoy - Great grandmother came over in late 1800s
    • McCullough - McCullough
    • McCullough - !!!!!!!!!!!!
    • McCune (MacEwan) - Been in Austin, TX for nearly 15 years. Would love to get in contact with other MacEwans here. Alba gu brath.
    • McDougall - My grandmother Rachael McDougall left Glasgow in 1918 and lived in New York until her death.
    • McEwan - Came here in 2003, two wee McEwans here now.
    • MCFADZEAN - My grandfather left Dumbarton to bring his family to the USA in 1925.
    • McFarland - The McFarland Clan has been very proliferative in South Dakota! lol
    • McFarlane - My Father was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He came to America in the 20's. I have one brother and many nephews.
    • McFee - Daton and McMinnville
    • McGibbon - Immigrated from Glasgow in 1966
    • McGlasson - We have a large family all over the US, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Scotland and England
    • McGregor - Great-Great Grandfather Thomas came to Detroit to build steam engines....
    • McGregor - From the clan MacGregor,Glen Orchy,Argyll.
    • McGregor - if it ain't Scottish it's crap.
    • McIntosh - My earliest North Carolina relative settled here in Eastern NC in the early 1740's, coming from South Eastern VA.
    • McIntyre - My Great Great Grandpa McIntyre immigrated to Manitoba Canada from Scotland ( Not sure of the the area there.)
    • McIrvin - My ancestors came here from Glass, Scotland
    • McKay - My great-great-great grandfather, George Knox McKay was a famous clipper ship captain,
    • McKay - My great-great-great-grandfather Archibald McKay left Scotland ca 1840.
    • McKinnon - My grandfather grew up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.We have little knowledge of his parents and location of where in Scotland they were from.
    • McKitrick - Decedents of William and Agnus 1720
    • McLain - My ancestors (McLain) came from the Isle of Mull.They were in the Loch Buie clan.
    • McLaren - I came to the US from Ayrshire, Scotland in 1965.
    • McLean - Isle of Mull
    • McLean - My ancestors are from Isle of Skye, Inverness
    • McLean - Family on same property since 1830s
    • McLean - McLean's used to own a big part of Llano, Texas, deep roots there, all gone now.
    • McLean - McLeans of Govan (west Glasgow)
    • McLean - Scots in the Okanagan!
    • McLean - My great-great grandfather Malcolm immigrated to Mabou Parish in 1788!
    • McLean - Living the good life in the Texas Hill Country!
    • McLean - My grandparents came to Fort William, now Thunder Bay after WW1.
    • McLean - My maternal grandfather is McLean and first generation American. My my maternal grandmother is McDonald and my mom is first generation usa
    • McLean - Jim, Kerry and Marley in San Diego since 2013. Originally from Kincardine, Fife.
    • Mclellan - MacLellan
    • McLeman - My grandfather left Fraserburgh in 1923. My grandmother left Gardenstown in 1926 and the married the day she arrived.
    • McLeman - My Father, Charles McCombie McLeman emigrated to Boston,MA from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire in 1923
    • McLendon - I not sure of our family's journey to America. But we are interested. And proud of our Scottish Heritage.
    • McLeran - My 3rd great grandfather William McLeran was born near Barnet, VT in 1798.
    • McMaster - Two brothers entered the US in Detroit. One went to Vermont and resided in Barre, VT. Worked in the Granite Industry.
    • McMillan - Left Scotland in 1961, and have never lost the opportunity to spread the word on how great the Scots are!!!
    • McMillan - My family has an estate in Scotland. It's in Finlaystone. Working on putting my genealogy together.
    • McNab - My father Clifford McNab
    • McNaughten - Scott for life, much pride in my heritage
    • McNeil - My grandfather, Thomas McNeil, left Glasgow in October 1909.
    • McNeil - My grandfather came from Glasgow, Scotland to the U.S. in October 1909.
    • McNeil - Granddad immigrated from Glasgow Scotland in October 1909.
    • McQueary - Still working on identifying our lineage.
    • McRostie - Moved to Tucson Arizona from Astoria Oregon in 1971. Father is Howard Ivan McRostie of Olympia Washinhton.
    • McSkimming - Arrived in Ontario 1965.
    • McWhirter - Grandmother born in Newton Stewart, Scotland.
    • McWilley - The name was originally McWilley- but the 'Mc' was dropped around 1900. My great grandfather was born in Pennsylvania.
    • Menzies - Mother left Scotland in 1904 Went to Canada then to Montana a a last Washington
    • Michie -
    • Middlemist - My Middlemist ancestors were pioneers of the state, coming across the country from New York in the mid 1800's
    • Millar - Mom was born in Bellshill, came to America in 1949.
    • Millar - Stewart Wilson Millar (grandfather) arrived 1900. Dad Hugh Longwill Millar b. 1906
    • Millikan - Ancestor to Armagh from Paisley In Scotland; to Penn Colony 1739. 3 great visits to Scotland. Enjoy Scottish Festivals, MO, AR, KS.
    • Milne - My father, James Milne, came to Nelson, in 1912, with his parents James Milne and Chistina Taylor, from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire.
    • Mitchell - My 9th great grand parents were from Scotland I am looking for more information on them their names were William and Ellen (Whitfield) mitch
    • Monie - Live in Damascus, Oregon - Born in Santa Barbara, Ca.
    • Moore/Muir - Many of Moore family members were in South Carolina prior to moving out west to Oregon and Washington.
    • Morgan - Morgan's of Aberdeenshire
    • mowatt - My grandfather, Ramsey Mowatt, came to the US in 1927 from Wormit,bringing my dad in 1935.
    • Muir - Muir was my mom's maiden name.She left Scotland at the age of 21
    • Muir - My grandparents were from outside Glasgow and I live in San Francisco.
    • Munn - God bless the Scots
    • Munro - Dread God
    • Munro - I was born in Ross shire
    • MUNRO - I Came To Kearny NJ In 1964 From Paisley Scotland As Did Many Paisley Buddies In The Thread Industry
    • Murdoch - William Murdoch came to America April 1768.
    • Murdough - My ancestors arrived in New England in the late 1600s and early 1700s. They were among the first settlers of Hillsborough, NH.
    • Murray - I'm a Murray of Atholl.
    • Murray - Gf Murray from Nidrey, gggf McDonald fought for the Union
    • Murray - My great grandfather Archibald Grant Davidson came to America from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire in 1902, and by 1904 used the surname Murray.
    • Murray - Scottish side of the family shipped off to the Carolinas during the Highland Clearances.
    • Murray - My grandfather was a Murray
    • Murray - My grandfather was Claude Murray from Georgia, USA.
    • Murrie - Born and raised in Glasgow.
    • Nelson - My Mother, Shirley Jean MacNeil, Her Father, Donald Roderick MacNeil, I have a big MacNeil family in Northern California.
    • Nicholson - I am Scottish from my grandfather Franklin Nichelson .of Tennessee. .I live in Michigan near the great lake.and 78 miles from Chicago. Illin
    • Nickell - My 6th Great Grandfather migrated to the US from Ireland about 1737.
    • Nicol -
    • Nisbet - Arrived in USA in 2013.
    • Oglesby - Have many family ties in Georgia and South Carolina as well.
    • Oglesby and Forbes - Jennifer Fitzner with Oglesby and Forbes ancestry in GA
    • Orr - Family Orr, Clan Campbell.
    • O\\\'Donnell - Margret O'Donnell...mother, from Dumbarton, Scotland
    • Pack - Family from Bruce Clan
    • Parkhill - Scottish as I can get
    • Patrick - Captain William Cunningham, arrived 1621 on board the Speedwell. Robert Patrick, arrived 1720 on the Amity.
    • Peeples - Family was in southern Georgia during the Civil War.
    • Porterfield - The Porterfield Family, originally from Paisley, Scotland have been in and around Orange County, North Carolina since 1750.
    • Ramsay - My family came to America in the 1700s
    • Rankin - My fore father (Andrew Rankin) arrived in York, ME (then MA) back in an indentured servant courtesy of the British crown.
    • Reed - My ancestry came to America in the 1700.
    • Reid - Jane Reid, Paisley Scotland
    • REID - Love this country. My 2 sons were born. Good life. My parents were born in Donegal, Ireland
    • Rintoul - Moved to US in 2006.
    • Ritchie - My father's family is from Fraserburgh Scotland
    • Robb - From Clan MacFarlane
    • Robbins - My 6th great-grandfather, Daniel Robbins, was taken prisoner after the battle of Worcester and sent to the Colonies to be sold.
    • Robbins - Scotch-Irish descendants on both sides of the family.
    • Robertson - Dr Andrew Robertson from Inverness (born 1716) graduate of University of Edinburgh came to America with Gen Edward Braddock in 1755
    • Robertson - Robertson is my middle name. My grandmother was from Glasgow.
    • Robertson - My grandfather, William C. Robertson.
    • Robertson - Born in Edinburgh, I moved to New York City in 2009. Moved to Pennsylvania in 2010.
    • Robertson - Born and raised in Scotland (Edinburgh and Stirling area). Left Scotland in 1981. Time out > Time in.
    • Robertson - After the Highland Clearances my branch of the family moved to the Boarders area- from there to PEI Canada, then to upstate New York.
    • Rodger - Elizabeth Rodger - graduate of Glasgow School of Art
    • Rollo - My ancestors came from Perth, Scotland.
    • Rollo - My family is from Perth and Fife. I still have Rollo relatives there.
    • Ross - I have visited Scotland, it felt like home!!!
    • Scott - We came from McBeths and Graham's out of paisley Scotland
    • Scott - My Grandfather was a Scott lived in Monroe County most of his life. The family farm is still being run by his oldest son in Scott Hollow.
    • Shand - My Grandfather, Alexander Smith, left Aberdeen Scotland around 1910 for the United States. He left 6 sisters there.
    • Skouse - Grandparents, mother, aunts and uncle left Johnstone Scotland right after the first war.
    • Sloan - Mother born in Aberdeen and father in Carluke.
    • Smith - A Bankie Born and Bred
    • Smith - Smith's from New Pitsligo.
    • Sneddon - My father Hugh M. Sneddon, left Airdrie, Scotland and arrived here in New York, on 17 July 1922.
    • Spalding - We came to Canada in 1978.
    • St John - Scottish Singer Songwriter.
    • Stamper - Nickel is my mother's surname
    • Stewart - My Stewart roots are in Texas, but ancestors lived also in MS, LA, TN. And I just moved to Wyoming!
    • Stewart - My great, great grandfather George Stewart left Drumme the Drocket in the 1800s, my maternal grandfather and grandmom died there.
    • Stewart - My great grandfather, Wm B. Stewart arrived at Ellis Island at the age of 19 in 1889.
    • Stewart - Utah has plenty of Scots. 🙂
    • Stewart - They made him up in the field, my father Jimmy Stewart Burma WW11
    • Stewart - The pipes the pipes are calling
    • Stewart/Guthrie - my mother's side is Stewart my father's side is Guthrie
    • Strachan - My grandfather, Mathew Strachan
    • Strathdee - My Grandfather James Strathee, his Brother, and their Father arrived from Aberdeenshire here near Washington State in late 1800s .
    • Strawhun - I believe we have tracked of family back the mid 1700 in the colonies.
    • Strawn - Family had migrated to colonial NJ in pre war of independence era
    • Stuart - Millwright/stone cutter James Stuart ( 1829, Scotland) came to Linn/Jones County, Iowa via Troy, NY (before 1854) and Fond du Lac, Wis.
    • Sutherland - My Grandmother came over to america in the 1930's
    • Swanson - I left Glasgow in September 1988
    • Tedford - Adopted into the MacPherson family
    • Thompson - My ancestor, William Thompson/Thomson, Prisoner of War from Battle of Dunbar, shipped to colonies in 1650.
    • Thompson - Clan Mactavish
    • Thomson - My great grandfather jumped ship in New York in mid to late 19th century
    • Toward -
    • Towart - My Grandfather Captain John Towart was from Scotland.
    • Tunkle - Prescott Az from Lochore , Fife, Scotland came to America in 1953
    • Turnbull - John Turnbull left Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1820
    • Turnbull - The Scots are coming the Scots are coming
    • Turnbull - Earliest known: John Bull Sr., b. 1754
    • Turnbull - Descendant of William Turnbull of Bradford, Ontario, Canada
    • Turnbull - Greetings all
    • Turnbull - Florence, NJ
    • Turnbull - Lost my dad, George Turnbull, in 2012 at age 92... a good long life in Burlington, right on the Mississippi River.
    • Waldrum - Born in Dundee Scotland
    • Walker - #1 on my Bucket List: discover the exact birthplace in Scotland of my 4xGreatGrandfather who immigrated between 1750 and 1756. Then visit!
    • Walker - Mothers maiden name but exact Scottish connection unknown.
    • Wallace - Scots wa hae.!!!
    • Wallace - Great-Great grandmother move to Michigan
    • Wallace - Wallace Roots living in Suffolk County, Long Island NY
    • Wallace - relatives from Edinburgh
    • Watson - I think this is great I'm just starting to look into this to see if I have any scottish roots
    • watt - My mothers maiden name is Scott
    • Webster - Family immigrated to Kearny, NJ (1910) and Toronto , CAN (1926). My Websters were from Glasgow and Stonehaven. Davidson and Macfarlane Clans
    • weir - Family were Mecklenburg County, N.C. residents in 1732
    • White - My father, Ernest White immigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1954. Scotland stayed in his heart his whole life.
    • Wilson - James Wilson, signer of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution was the first Wilson from Scotland in our family.
    • Wilson - Wilson of Ayr
    • Wilson - Love my herritage
    • Wilson - Left UK in 2001. Originally from Ayrshire.
    • WILSON - My Great Grandfather James Wilson Left Kilsyth around 1850 when he was 17
    • Wood - looking to connect with fellow "Wood" clan members..
    • Young - Alfred A. and Barbara C. Young immigrated to Saginaw, Michigan from Bass River, Weldford Parish, Kent County, New Brunswick, circa 1882.
    • Young - I do not know a lot of my ancestry. I do know that most of my family lives in the Saint Joseph, Missouri area
    • Young - Daughter of Edward Anderson Young, founder of Clan Young in Orlando, Florida
    • Young - My great-grandfatther was Captain Charles L. Young, a ships master. Don't know his parents. Charles lived in Philadelphia in 1860.
    • Young - gggg George Young left Perth, Perth shire,1818
    • young - I recently found out about my Scottish heritage
    • Young - My cousin bill sent me here! He's an awesome scot!!
    • Young - From the Border area to Northern Ireland then South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma then Sask and Alberta. Karrs, Moffetts and Douglases too.
    • Young - Young, the 15th most common Scottish surname in the Lowlands. See
    • Young - My great grandfather was William Wallace Young and had a horse ranch in Alberta. I'm not sure what year he came over.
    • Young -

    Welcome to the most recent names: Flint, Riddell, Stewart, MacMunn, Laughlin and Cronan.

    The total number of Scottish surnames added: 11,202.

    All Scots and Scottish families in the USA and Canada are invited to add a marker to the map.

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    1. I am a steelworker researcher interested in the early Scottish history in steel manufacture, scaffolding, ferrous iron / chrome / manganese mining in USA, Morocco, elsewhere in the world. I am working with sick steel workers in contemporary world by the Scottish history and involvement would be a worthy piece of research. I loved the black and white photos in 1930’s steel construction workers eating sandwiches high above New York’s highrise buildings. Thank you

    2. My Great Grandfather, William Ross emigrated to the United States from Ross-shire, Scotland abt. 1882. He was married to Janet (MacKay) Ross and they had 11 children. They lived and farmed in the Analy Township, now Sebastopol, California.

    3. My fathers uncle ( Alexander Maclean ) emigrated to New York in the 1890s and lived in Brooklyn , he was from Stratherrick in Inverness-shire , his wife was a Fraser from Inverfarigaig , a few miles from Inverness , they had a number of Children , one of whom was a minister in Flushing New York – Dugald Lachlan Maclean , he was also a past president of the New York Caledonian Society. I live in Glasgow and if any one knows of any descendants of Alexander or Dugald we would love to get in touch. Thank you

    4. Regarding Graham Clan: My traceable line began with Alexander Graham, c. 1725- 1795) bur. Longstreet Church, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; (m) c. 1762, Mary McCormick (?- 1826), bur Longstreet Church, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Transported from Argyll as a fugitive in the hills because he fought for Bonnie Prince Charlie in the war of the ’45’. Sea Captain, John Paul Jones was commissioned to provide safe travel and to bring Alexander and Mary and their most of their children to North Carolina the winter of 1779-1780.

      And so it began; the removal of at least 10 other Graham Clansmen, wives and children, from Kintire, Argyllshire, to Canada. My line continues: Alexander, (1725-1795); to John (1763-1844); to Duncan (June 1, (1786-1873); to Donald, (1819-?); to Archibald, (1862-1942).

      Mary Greene, daughter of Mary Jane Graham-Lord, daughter of Archibald, see above.

    5. My father came to the USA ln 1929 . Iwas born here in1937 ,have lived in New England most of my life.Would like to hear from anyone of scottish decent. thank you. Jim

    6. Martha Wasson McClain & Charles McClain are my GGGG grandparents and were from Virginia and moved west to Sheridan, Indiana. Their daughter Eliza Ann McClain Curnutt was born in 1857 and married Samuel Curnutt. Their daughter, Lora Pearl Curnutt Ray Hanson was born May 10, 1885. Will research Martha & Charles McClain!

    7. My Great great grandmother Janet Carruthers married Robert Irving in the Lockerbie area in 1823. She was The great great granddaughter of Francis Carruthers 3rd of Dormont. Dormont is the longest family held estate in Scotland is owned by Jamie Carruthers 13th of Dormont. He is my 8th cousin. Records of the Carruthers family are held in the Dumfries Library.
      My great grandfather George Irving came to Ont Canada in the 1850s.

    8. My Great Grandmother was Mollie Mae Cameron and her mother was a McBee. They were in Texas and she moved to Washington state after her husband died. I am very proud to be a Scottish lass also. 😀

    9. the comment by MacKinnon with Angus MacKinnon of Cape Breton, NS. My Father in law’s Grandfather was an Angus from B’ras D’ors, Cape Breton. David (Father in law) was one of 19 children. Angus had a dairy farm. Get in touch with me if you think this could be related. This.

    10. Born and raised Edinburgh Girl. Came to Chicago 1963. My Grandparents were MacMillan and MacPhail with a lot of Forsyth added. Still have Family living in W. Lothian and Edinburgh. 🙂

      1. My grandmother, Betsy MacDonald came to NY through Canada around 1918, from Cromore, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Her only daughter Anne is still with us and her 4 grandchildren,8 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren. I’m Proud to be a direct descendent I’m Proud to be a Scot!!!

    11. My ancestor is a McClaflin who fought in the French and Indian war so I wasn’t exactly sure which surname to choose. This is all new to me but I want to further investigate my Scottish heritage.

    12. I am looking for Bruce relatives that lived in Cherokee Iowa where my Grandfather was born Nelson Henry Bruce or henry nelson Bruce.., born in late 1880’s ..

    13. I am a 11th generation Thompson. My family line starts with William Thompson, born in 1646 and came to America
      in1685 from Edinburgh, Scotland. The land grant that William Thompson owned was located in the same county and state that I was born in 263 years later. My brothers, sister, myself and all our kids, grandkids and great grandkids total
      approximately 112 in number. I myself am a member of the ” Clan Thompson Society “. I hope soon to have my kinfolk
      become members too.
      Any Thompson interested in their family history and heritage are encouraged to visit ” Clan Thompson Society ”
      on face book or
      Aye in Scottish spirit
      Thomas B. Thompson

      1. My husbands family are Rosses from the Georgia area I believe, came to Canada in late 1700’s I too would like to hear more of the tosses

    14. My great-grandmother, born an Anderson, came from Wigtonshire in 1883 to meet her husband. She also brought along their four sons, ages 7 down to 1, and entirely on her own. Once she got on the ship she was sea-sick the whole way. Somehow she managed to keep the 1- and 3-year olds with her. The 5- and 7-year old ran loose about the ship much of the time. But they all arrived, got to Illinois, and met Great-Grandpa there.

    15. We were the first clan in Scotland to leave the old way’s and convert to being christan by St. Andrew.
      And one of the first families in America.our great, grad-father 5 generations back . Helped George Washington start his distillery. He also came here from Scotland to help start this country. Even today our tartine bars and extra sticth in honor of the one that came here.
      I am very proud to be named after him.

    16. My grandmother was born in Shotts Scotland. Her maiden name is Clelland. I never met my great grandfather from Scotland however I did met my great grandmother.

    17. My Johnston(e) family ancestry hails from Caskieben. I am so glad that this website has been created! I am looking for my G.G.G.G. Grandfather Clarence(?) Daniel Johnson (1800-1857) he married Celia Adeline Cole (1811-1892). They lived and died in Tennessee. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    18. I have a couple in my family. My grandmother on my dad’s side’s surname is Montgomery, and my grandfather on my mother’s side, and my mother’s surname is Hamilton. We are from Penobscot, ME and Sedgwick, ME.

    19. Scots on my dad’s side, surname Martyn, emigrated to Bruce County, Ontario in the 1850s from the Isle of Lewis, and surname MacGregor emigrated through Nova Scotia to Bruce County then on to the Alpena, Michigan area in the 1870s. Scots on my mom’s side, surname McLean, emigrated earlier in the 1800s, and settled in the Burlington, New Jersey area.

    20. My great-grandfather James Simpson came to the US from Scotland circa 1879 into the NY/NJ area, married New York native Elizabeth LeBaron and settled in Passaic County, NJ. I’d love to get in touch with other descendants of these folks.

    21. My GrMother was born in Scotland/came to USA age 7. Married a McCallum. I’ve been to Scotland (2009) & visited my gr mother’s niece in Edinburgh.

    22. My name is Dave Bell, Clan Bell games commissioner in Utah. Our surname considered a dynasty name long before last names. There were Bells who were Crusaders and other Bells that changed the world! Bells were also a border Clan that fought a long side of William Wallace, whom also reported Bells were good fighters. Bells were one of the few clans that stayed true to Wallace. A riding Clan, Bells genesis can be found in Dumfrieshire. Bells were “Reiviers” and we’re considered part of the “Devils Dozen”… One the most feared and notorious border Clans. To learn more about the Bell surname please contact me at and visit . Also, Clan Bell North America on Facebook!

        1. Bells blended Scotch is the best, since 1825. Sadly, if only it were sold in the USA.

          Menzies be aware, Ha!
          In 1607, before he was clan chief, William Bell in Blackethouse the “Reidcloke” was implicated in a bizarre affair brought to the notice of the Privy Council. It appears that Sir James Douglas of Drumlanrig and the Rev. Robert Henderson and several others including Bell, had exhumed the body of William Menzies from a burial aisle in the Church of Durrisdeer. Adam Menzies, father of the dead man, had complained and the case went against Sir James Douglas and his accomplices. Then they “conceived a deadly hatred” against Menzies who alleged he could not go about his lawful business. Sir James Douglas had to find caution in the sum 4,000 merks Scots, and William Bell and others in the sum of 1,000 merks.

      1. Since the loss of the our last chief in 1628, while currently working on a Lyon Court petition for a new chief, Bells remain vassals (not septs) of the Great House of Clan Douglas.
        For snippets of the Bell family and clan, —-Click, Bell Roots: Books

    23. Grandfather, Thomas Lamb Scott, emigrated to America in 1877 from Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, at age 16. He first settled in Chicago, Illinois, Leadville, Co., Butte, Mt. and Dillon, Mt. where he passed away at age 86.

      1. John Leslie came to America and settled in Pennsylvania with his wife, Ann Huston. They were the parents of Jacob (who married Jennette McClelland) born in the late 1700’s. They also had a daughter, Elizabeth and 5 other children, whose names I have not discovered, in or near Armagh, PA. After Jennette died in 1832, Jacob remarried to a widow,, Mary Mathews Menoher. They and Jacob’s five sons and daughter moved to Summit County OH, leaving Mary’s children in PA with grandparent for a few years. Jacob and Mary had 6 more children, three of which died young. Jacob and Jennette’s youngest son ,Samuel, and his brother, John moved to Buchanan County Iowa. Samuel and his third wife moved to Nebraska. Their children resided in South Dakota, from there, the next generations have scattered throughout the USA.
        I would love to find more of John and Ann’s descendants! So, if your Leslie ancestors were born in Pennsylvania, we may be related. By the way, my father was Charles Walter Leslie. The name Charles is quite common among my Leslie relatives. We also have George, James, William, Willis, Archie, Sheridan, Karl, and John.

      1. My mother was a MacLachlan and can trace her ancestry back to the castle in Scotland. They first went into Canada above Niagara Falls and then went to Scotland South Dakota where they resided until death.

    24. I’m a member in good standing with the Robertson Clan! My Grandmother was born a Robertson, and she remembered her grandfather talking about ” the bonnie hills of home. “

    25. This is fun. The Alexander Robertson School was founded by Scottish farmers and merchants 225 years ago in New York City. We are one of the oldest co-educational schools in the USA. I wonder if any of our alums are seeing this (not that they are all Scottish, of course) but some are!

    26. I Moved over to Indiana back in May 2003 and married my beautiful lass the following month. I come from a wee village called Thornton which is in the Kingdom of Fife (just north from Edinburgh). I obtained my citizenship in 2009.
      I am so glad to have found this website as it help me to see all the other Scots that are in the vicinity…and to realize that I am not “standing alone” here….lol

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