Vikings Invade Aberdeen

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An army of Vikings from Shetland have landed on Aberdeen Beach, mirroring a previous viking invasion in the 9th century when Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire was seized. This invasion was lead by The Guizer Jarl (Neil Robertson), and a 38-strong Jarl Squad, brought to Aberdeen by NorthLink Ferries and headed, not to Dunnotter castle, but to the VisitScotland expo – Scotland’s largest travel trade event in Aberdeen to help promote Scotland to hundreds of international tour operators.

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Famous for their performance in Up Helly Aa, the famous fire festival in Shetland, the Jarl Squad, is attending “expo” to help promote Orkney and Shetland as world-class tourism destinations.

VisitScotland Chairman Mike Cantlay said:
“It is an honour to have the Jarl Squad opening VisitScotland expo 2015 in true Viking magnificence and style!

We need to fly the flag and sing from the rooftops, and tell everyone that Scotland is the place to be. With a little help from our Viking friends, I have no doubt that this year will be one of our most exciting and inspirational yet!”

The famous Up Helly Aa Fire Festival in Shetland

The famous Up Helly Aa Fire Festival in Shetland

Neil Robertson, The Guizer Jarl from the Jarl Squad said:
“It is always a boost to the squad when they are asked to represent Shetland or perform at prestigious events. The effort they have put into making the costumes is rewarded by the demand for their services. As for me, personally, it is an honour to be asked to help open VisitScotland expo 2015, especially in helping to promote Orkney and Shetland as fantastic holiday destinations via the NorthLink Ferries island routes.”

For more information about visiting Shetland and Orkney go to the Visit Scotland website 

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