Royal Deeside – GPS Enabled Treasure!


‘Queen Victoria’ will launch Scotland’s newest GPS enabled treasure hunt on Royal Deeside as a trail of geocaches have been hidden from drum Castle to Braemar, along the Deeside Way, in forests, in castle grounds, and in some spectacular locations. Geocaching is a modern day version of a treasure hunt – which itself has its roots in Victorian Britain.

Moira Gash Project Co-ordinator with Visit Royal Deeside said:

“The new GeoTour aims to inspire visitors and locals to discover the area.  Twenty local businesses have already signed up to support the GeoTour, including accommodation providers, visitor attractions, shops and cafes, with more expected to join as the scheme is expanded.”

When it launches, organisers believe that the Explore Royal Deeside GeoTour will be the only official GeoTour currently operating on mainland Scotland.  With over 2.5million active geocachers worldwide, the Royal Deeside project is already sparking a lot of interest globally.

It is hoped that the Explore Royal Deeside GeoTour will help to promote tourism in the area and boost visitor numbers. The official GeoTour focuses on part of the Deeside Way and will consist of 20 official cache boxes from Drum to Ballater.

Scottish Enterprise (SE) who have helped part fund the initial set up of the project are keen to develop industry collaboration and the visitor experience in key tourism markets.

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