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Perthshire based engraver Malcolm Appleby has won a major award at the 2014 Festival of Silver in London. Appleby was winner of the Silver Society’s prize of ‘Best Silversmith’ for his Silver Crystal texture Starry Beaker described by Tim Schroder :

“an intense piece of work by an extremely accomplished artist craftsman”

The Incredible detail Silver Crystal Texture Starry Beaker by Malcolm Appleby

As well as being present to accept his prize, he was also there to award his own Prize – The Malcolm Appleby Award for work demonstrating impressive engraving skill combined with artistic flair.

Regarding his win Appleby stated:

“I was genuinely surprised and flattered by getting the award and the money helped towards the engraving prizes!”

Having been engraving for over 50 years, Appleby has tirelessly encouraged the art of silversmithing and engraving in many ways including apprenticeships, master classes and now The Malcolm Appleby Award.  He awarded the prizes in this category with first place going to Kate Earlam, Silversmith and Jeweller who is self employed and is working for the master silversmith Clive Burr.

Kate Earlam’s ‘Miniature tots’

Said Earlam on winning the award for her ‘Miniature tots’:

“The Malcolm Appleby award was quite a shock. I have the long admired and have the highest respect for Malcolm and his work and to be recognised by somebody of his stature is an honour.”

Second place went to Sophie Botsis for her engraved sterling silver box. Sophie has attended workshops by Malcolm Appleby and has attended a week long master class organised by Bishopsland.

Sophie Botsis’ engraved sterling silver box

Said Sophie of her award:

“I was not expecting to win the award, especially after looking around the exhibition and seeing such great silver work! I am still a relatively new maker and these boosts make me feel part of the silver community and appreciated. I still question my choices of design and always feel I can do better when it comes to making but it’s great to know I am doing ok and on the right path. And the money always helps to buy silver for the next piece or a couple of tools.”

The Festival of Silver, held at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in Clerkenwell, brought together contemporary furniture makers and silversmiths in a successful selling exhibition of outstanding craftsmanship and was the first year of the the Malcolm Appleby Art Engraving prize.

The organiser, Gordon Hamme commented:

“It is truly wonderful to bring together two of Britain’s unsung craftsmanship industries who compliment each other perfectly.”

For more information visit the British Silver Week website

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Kate Earlam:
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