Escape To Your Own Island – The Isle Of Grunay Is For Sale


For around $132,000 you could own the most easterly island in Scotland, the Isle of Grunay which lies approximately 200 miles from Norway. The island forms part of the Shetland Islands, which consist of over 100 islands in total of which 17 are inhabited.


Situated in the centre of the island are two dilapidated, semi-detached former Lighthouse Keeper’s houses, built of brick and faced with harling with a flat roof. The larger of the two houses had a sitting room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom, workroom and two storage rooms. The smaller house had a sitting room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. There is also an old walled garden and sundial.

The other two mainland islands within the Out Skerries are those of Bruray and Housey, which are connected by a bridge and have two shops, a post office, church, school and a roll on/off car ferry. As well as an airstrip, Grunay itself has its own deep water pier and is accessible to Bruray via a short boat trip. The Out Skerries has a population of about 70 inhabitants.

There is a large ruined structure on the north shore of Grunay, known locally as ‘The Broch’. Although it is not known whether it dates from the Iron Age, such structures were built during this time throughout the far north of Scotland.

For further information contact agents: Frank Knight.

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