12 Words To Learn From Burns


To celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns – Jan 25, 1759 – here are twelve great words that you can use everyday.

Beastie: diminutive of beast.

Donsie: unlucky, affectedly neat and trim, pettish.

Feckless: puny, weak, silly.

Gimmer: a ewe two years old; a contemptuous term for a woman.

Hurdies: buttocks, hips or haunches.

Jundie: to jostle, a push with the elbow.

Kelpies: a sort of mischievous water-spirit, said to haunt fords and fairies at night, especially in storms.

Luggies: wooden containers with a lugs or handles, as a mug, or bowl.

Peat-reek: the smoke of burning turf; a bitter exhalation; whiskey.

Sonsie: having sweet engaging looks, lucky, jolly.

Smoutie: smutty, obscene; smooty phiz, sooty aspect.

Whingin: crying, complaining, fretting.

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