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Angus MacColl wins the 2015 Glenfiddich Piping Championship


ANGUS MacCOLL has won the Glenfiddich Piping Championship for the fourth time. Angus comes from Benderloch near Oban in Argyllshire. He is the great-grandnephew of the legendary piper and composer John MacColl.

The Glenfiddich Championship brings together the top competitors of the past year, the 2015 line-up included: Finlay Johnston, Jack Lee, Iain Speirs, Angus MacColl, John-Angus Smith, Stuart Liddell, Bruce Gandy, Callum Beaumont, Roddy MacLeod and Willie McCallum.

Angus joins a very small group of four pipers who have won the most coveted Glenfiddich Piping Championship four or more times. These players include: Iain MacFadyen, Murray Henderson, William McCallum and Roddy MacLeod.

Photo above: Derek Maxwell

1st Stuart Liddell, Inveraray, Scotland, “Lament for the Laird of Annapool”
2nd Angus MacColl, Benderloch, Scotland, “The Red-Speckled Bull”
3rd Roddy MacLeod, Glasgow, “The Old Men of the Shells”
4th Willie McCallum, Bearsden, Scotland, “The Earl of Ross’s March”
5th Finlay Johnston, Glasgow, “Lament for the Union”

Judges: Iain Morrison, John Wilson, Bill Wotherspoon

March, Strathspey and Reel 
1st Angus MacColl, “MacLean of Pennycross,” “The Caledonian Society of London,” “Pretty Marion”
2nd Roddy MacLeod, “Hugh Kennedy, BSc.,” “The Caledonian Society of London,” “Cecily Ross”
3rd Stuart Liddell, “P-M John Stewart,” “Lady Loudon,” “The Little Cascade”
4th Callum Beaumont, Bo’ness, Scotland, “Miss Elspeth Campbell,” “Bob of Fettercairn,” “Fiona MacLeod”
5th Bruce Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, Leaving Lunga,” “Tulloch Castle,” “The Cockerel in the Creel”

Judges: Iain MacLellan, Colin MacLellan, Andrew Wright

Previous Glenfiddich Piping Champions:

2014 Stuart Liddell, Inveraray – 2nd Win
2013 Iain Speirs, Edinburgh – 2nd Win
2012 Iain Speirs, Edinburgh
2011 Roddy MacLeod, Glasgow – 4th Win
2010 Angus MacColl, Benderloch – 3rd Win
2009 Stuart Liddell, Inveraray
2008 Gordon Walker, Galston – 2nd Win
2007 Gordon Walker, Galston
2006 Angus MacColl, Benderloch – 2nd Win
2005 Willie McCallum, Glasgow – 8th Win
2004 Willie McCallum, Glasgow – 7th Win
2003 Jack Lee, Canada – 1st piper from North America to win
2002 Roddy MacLeod, Cumbernauld – 3rd Win
2001 William McCallum, Glasgow – 6th Win
2000 William McCallum, Glasgow – 5th Win
1999 William McCallum, Glasgow – 4th Win
1998 Alasdair Gillies, Pittsburgh – 3rd Win
1997 Roderick J. MacLeod, Cumbernauld – 2nd Win
1996 PM Alasdair Gillies, Pittsburgh – 2nd Win
1995 Angus MacColl, Oban
1994 William McCallum, Glasgow – 3rd Win
1993 William McCallum, Glasgow – 2nd Win
1992 Roderick J. MacLeod, Cumbernauld
1991 PS Alasdair Gillies, Queen’s Own Highlanders
1990 William McCallum, Glasgow
1989 Murray Henderson, Eassie – 4th Win
1988 PM Gavin Stoddart, Army School of Piping – 2nd Win
1987 Murray Henderson, Eassie – 3rd Win
1986 Iain MacFadyen, Kyle – 4th Win
1985 Murray Henderson, Easie – 2nd Win
1984 Iain MacFadyen, Kyle – 3rd Win
1983 PM Gavin Stoddart, RHF
1982 PM Angus MacDonald – 2nd Win
1981 Iain MacFadyen, Kyle – 2nd Win
1980 PM Ian Morrison, Queen’s Own Highlanders
1979 Murray Henderson, Eassie
1978 Hugh MacCallum, Stirling
1977 Iain MacFadyen, Kyle
1976 PM Angus MacDonald, Scots Guards
1975 PM John D. Burgess, Alness
1974 James McIntosh, Dundee

Main image by: Derick Maxwell

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