Scottish Fans Furious At World Cup Bagpipe Ban!

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Furious Scotland rugby fans expressed outrage at the World Cup Rugby ban. Scottish rugby fans will deprived of serenading fellow supporters with their bagpipes in the stadiums.

Scotland play the USA on Sept 27

Scotland v USA

Jimmy MacKintosh, who has played his pipes at the last three World Cups said, “hearing the bagpipes at a Scottish game is all part of the carnival spirit that make Scottish fans welcome all around the World. Banning the bagpipes makes no sense – what are they going to ban next … the kilt!”

The row has even reached Westminster after Scottish MPs put down a Commons early day motion formally criticising the ban.

It says: “This House condemns the banning of bagpipes from the upcoming Rugby World Cup; calls on World Rugby Union to allow bagpipes to be played at the World Cup; recognises that bagpipes are not dangerous; stresses the importance of cultural identity associated with bagpipes for Scots, in the UK and around the world; and acknowledges that bagpipes are often played in formal ceremonies”.

Banning the bagpipes at the Rugby World Cup is simply not cricket!

Top image: Jason O’Brien/Action Images

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