Launching a new social network – free from advertising and user profiling


A better social media service is almost here! We’re getting ready to launch a new network – making a better place for families and community groups to share content.

Content posted on the network will remain private within a family or group and the service will be free from advertising, user profiling and data sharing.  Social media without the clutter.

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One of the current issues with existing social networks is that the algorithms that are engineered to maintain engagement and drive advertising revenue contribute to the negative impact of social media. 

The developers suggest it would be a bit like opening a family photo album to find that half the pages have been replaced with advertising, some photos are replaced with people you hardly know, and the order has all been changed.

To help differentiate from existing services, Catch Up has a stronger focus on the past, not just the present.  Users can post old photos on a historical timeline.  Users can also post content around family or group events (such as gatherings, holidays or weddings).

The driver to maintain user interest is more simply to share family or group content (past and present).  Where you share sentimental value – rather than likes and shares. 

Key Features

  • No advertising to distract or clutter user experience.
  • Peace of mind – no data sharing or user profiling.
  • Opportunity to post old photos and view content on a historical timeline.
  • Opportunity to view and post content around private events (weddings, holidays, gatherings etc..) without broadcasting to the world.

Catch Up is being developed in Scotland and will be released as a subscription service. Only one person per family or group needs to subscribe and act as the admin for the group. They can then invite other members to freely join.

A better social media experience is almost here!

Keeping your content private - within your family, community, school or team. We are launching an alternative social network based on one low cost subscription per household or group - free from advertising and user profiling.

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