JetBlue Goes Tartan

Media, Style

JetBlue Airways goes “Tartan” this season – with a stylish new tailfin design and nod to the timeless Scottish icon, with bold lines and a dash of green, as fashion houses around the world celebrate a resurgence of ‘plaid’ on the runway.

“Design plays such an integral part in our story,” says Lisa Borromeo, JetBlue Director of Brand Management and Advertising, “While others may push revamped logos or disorienting paint schemes, we feel it’s important to build a visual language as we grow. Our tailfin patterns will always reflect a fresh style, with a timeless appeal that is core to who we are as a brand.”

Look out for JetBlue’s Tartan on the runway this fall.  Take a photo and send to #TartanThursday.

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