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  1. Mum’s side are Kennedys and Hillcoats from Clyde Bank, Strathclyde from Thomas Hilcoat (Hilcote) in 1654. Her parents emigrated to the US in the very early 1900’s after getting married. Stayed in NJ for a bit then moved to Michigan. Mum met and married my dad there. Eventually moved to NJ for dad’s job. Sister married a Crawley from Britain. I married a McDonald whos mum was born a Scott from PA.

  2. My Scottish Ancestry…
    1st King of Scotland, Kenneth MacAlpin of Alba, Scotland
    Siol Alpin (from Gaelic, Sìol Ailpein: Seed of Alpin) is a family of seven Scottish clans able to trace their descent from Alpin, father of Cináed mac Ailpín, King of the Picts, of whom the Scots tradition considered the first King of Scots. The seven clans that make up Siol Alpin are: Clan Grant, *Clan Gregor, Clan MacAulay, Clan Macfie, Clan Mackinnon, Clan Macnab, and Clan MacQuarrie.
    My line descends down through the ancient *Clan Gregor:
    Royal Scottish Family Badge Clan Gregor/MacGregor
    Clan Motto- “Royal is My Race”
    Scotland’s History:


  3. Born 1935,Motherwell,Lanarkshire,Scotland.Emigrated 1954 to San Diego,Ca. 4 yrs Air force, correctional officer,Kansas State Pen. 7 yrs Kansas City Mo. police department.Presently Retired Police Officer from San Diego Ca. After 20 yrs. Living with daughter in Gold Hill OR. She owns A-C WILLIAMS Trucking Gold Hill,OR.

  4. There were so many Scottish surnames in the area of North Carolina where my parents grew up that my father once described it as being like a “little Scotland”. I am a McCall/Owen and Calhoun/Stewart combination, with Galloway and Reid ancestry in the following generations, among others. I recently learned that the Carolinas were very popular destinations around the time of the Scottish Highland Clearances, which may explain why three of my grandparents and many ancestors beyond their generation originated from there.

    My McCalls hailed from Appin, Scotland (Stewarts of Appin) and left for Wilimington, NC aboard the Jupiter of Larne in 1775. My father was told that we were once on the losing side of a civil war in Scotland (Culloden) and we ended up in the mountains of Western NC because it reminded our ancestors of home. I hope to make this comparison for myself one day and am very much enjoying learning more about my Scottish roots.

  5. My great-grandparents emigrated from Scotland to Canada in the 1800s. My grandfather, George W. Moore, born in Ontario, immigrated to North Dakota in the late 1800s, along with two brothers. My father, also George W. Moore was born in Maddock, North Dakota in 1903.

    1. I am proud of my Scottish heritage!!! Maternal grandparents/mother lived in Clydebank,
      had a dairy in Glasgow.

  6. My Fathers clan are Clan Douglas and my Mothers clan are Clan Campbell. We have lived in this country for over 100 years. I would like to tie my ancestors to the old country.

  7. Looking for any information on my family name….. McRostie.
    G Father: Charles Richard McRostie
    Olympia Washington
    Father: Howard Ivan McRostie
    Born: Olympia Washington
    I have 4 siblings all born in Astoria

    1. There is mention in the 1891 Census of Scotland. Adam and Martha Macrostie in Wigtownshire. Happy Haggis helps with geneology for free unlike other sites I could mention.

  8. my birthplace is richmond hill n.y. i now live in tampa florida my brothers name is
    william henry wallace jr. he lives in delhi n.y. my fathers name is william henry wallace sr.
    that i have never seen left when i was young if any one knows this mane write .

    1. Yes..

      They are Septs (cousins) of the Ross…
      Join us at Games in Florida….In January
      we will be at the Orlando Games….and the last of
      January in Sarasota…we will be happy to have you us join in the
      Opening Ceremony parade at noon…and learn of your heritage
      at the Clan tent..that looks like a castle…Scots Wha Hae!!!

  9. I don’t have a clan name but I’ve been tracing genealogy and have found about 75 clan names in my ancestry (including Stewart, Fraser of Lovat, Fraser, MacKenzie, Abercrombie, Ogilvie, Wemyss – those are just the one I can think of right now without my list in front of me. I’m close to 25% Scot!

    No way to put that down I guess. 🙁

  10. Born, raised and educated (Heriot-Watt University) in Edinburgh. Left Scotland in 1981. Lived in other countries. Settled in the US in 1997. Now dual-citizen. Visit Scotland once a year, but want to spend at least three months a year there – Munros, castles, stately homes, art, kayaking, food, folk music, Edinburgh Festival/Tattoo, etc. beckon.

  11. My ancestor was Thomas Buchan; He was exiled to France by the British. for fighting with the Scots; he was captured and exiled to France. After many generations a Buchan sailed to Canada and settled in New Brunswick/ Canada. After a few years some moved to Quebec. The name was spelt as Bachand to sound French.

    1. I knew an Ian Buchan who worked for Shell Oil Company in the 1960-1985 period. He lived in the South Bay Area of Southern California. He was a fine gentleman.

  12. my 9th great grandparents were from Scotland their names were William and Ellen (Whitfield) Mitchell….all I have is their marriage and some pictures and that they were from Scotland any info would be great

  13. I added one side of our Scottish family ancestors, Tait, to the map and wanted to add the other side of Parkhurst but I am not allowed to add a second name from the same IP address. Our Parkhurst branch settled in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

  14. It would be great to be able to add more than one pin – my extended family does not live near me at all as we are in the military. 🙂 Clan Armstrong

  15. I know for the most part that my Buchanan side came from Scotland around the 1790’s and landed in the south. Moving from Virginia to the Carolina’s. Then my immediate family came from Tennessee and moved up north and My clan resides in Pennsylvania now.

  16. My Immigrant ancestor is my Great Grandfather many generations back, David Hamilton Wemyss (Weems). He arrived in Tracy’s Landing, Maryland in 1715 with his sister Williamina and brother James.

  17. I am the Clan Genealogist for the Clan MacLaren Society (based in Scotland) plus the Chairman, Genealogy Committee, Clan MacLaren Society of North America. I am the Administrator, Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project (Worldwide). I encourage all MacLarens and their descendants (to include all the Clan surnames — Law, Low(e), Lawrence, Lawson, Laurie, Lowery, Pat(t)erson, Wright/McIntyre, McRory, McCrory, and any spelling variation) to join a Clan MacLaren Society and also join the Clan DNA Project (which is a great tool for our genealogical research).

    Yours aye,

    Bob McLaren

  18. My grandfather, James Mather Gardiner, lived in Duluth, Minnesota. After marrying my grandmother, Margaret Cartwright Gardiner, they lived in Sidney, Dayton, and Piqua, Ohio. He immigrated to the U.S. around 1886-1888. I’ve been unable to track him back to Scotland. I don’t know whether he crossed into the U.S. from Canada, or arrived directly to the U.S. from Scotland. Marriage and Death documents say he was born in Edinburgh to John Gardiner and Alice/Allison Mather.

  19. The known family goes back to my 14thGGF Gilchrist Makwrerdy circa.1500 on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. The modern spelling of the name is Mackirdy and it is still very prevalent on Bute today. My 8th GGF Daniel changed the spelling to McCurdy about 1670 to better fit in with the Irish when he left Scotland for Northern Ireland. James, my 6th GGF was the first to come to America settled in Pennsylvania. The McCurdys moved south to South Carolina and each succeeding generation moved a state west until finally settling in Texas in 1870. The moved to Oklahoma by way of a short stay in Arkansas but by 1970 made it back to Texas where I live. In September of this year, I made a pilgrimage to Bute and stood on the land that once belonged to old Gilchrist. I went Home.

  20. My mom was Helen Brookes MacKinnon bien in Perth, Scotland in 1935. The only female band leader of a Scottish dance band playing with Sir Bill Wilkie as well up until she came to the states in 1963. Her mom was Helen Brookes born in 1904-1997 and her Dad was John MacKinnon born in 1905-1976 a Sheppard as well as a judge for sheep dog trials in Scotland, Canada as well as here in America. I have two cousins in Scotland Michael and Peter Skinner my aunt was Betty MacKinnon Skinner of Perth. I also have family of Peter, Robert, Andy and Ian Stewart of Pitlockry.

    1. My grandfather and grandfather, Alexander and Catherine MacKinnon, immigrated from Skye in 1902. Alexander stopped by San Francisco right after the great earthquake there. The shipyards were destroyed and he heard of a job in Seattle so he went there. Alexander came first and found a job and then went back to Scotland to get Catherine in about 1904. He was a shipwright learning his trade on the Clyde. My grandmother was a cook and housekeeper. They raised 4 children (three boys and a girl) in Sunnydale, which is a town south of Seattle. The girl was my mother, Dorothy Campbell MacKinnon. She died in 2012 at 93 years of age

  21. My brother and I had the privilege of visiting Colonsay last spring where our great grandfather emigrated from through prince Edward Island to ontario. Further generations into Michigan. A lifelong dream and a trip of a lifetime !! All people very friendly.

  22. My maternal grandmother’s ancestors descended from Captain John MacDonald of Guidale who was one of Prince Charles’ followers. He is mentioned on boards at the Glenfinnan Museum. His grandson Angus and greatgrandsons emigrated to Nova Scotia, settling in Antigonish County. We are from Greatgrandson Allan.

  23. When my grandfather, Angus McDonald left Scotland, 90 to 100 years ago, his last name was spelled Mac, not Mc. Something happened when he landed in Canada and the “a” was lost? I heard a story once, that I cannot remember who said it, but the theory was that the Immigration Officer was Irish and entered my grandfather as Mc, instead of Mac? This was not discovered till one of my uncles family went back to the homeland and figured it out.

    1. Traditionally and historically, Mc’s (Micks) are Irish and Mac’s (Macks) are Scottish. Could be the Irish immigration officer dropped the ‘A’ by accident or design.

      1. It’s a common misconception that Mc is Irish and Mac Scottish. In Scots Gaelic, Mac means (son of, or of that family), Mc is simply an abbreviated form of the same. Generally, the only Macs or Mcs in Ireland immigrated from Scotland, as in the Ulster Scots that spent only one or two generations in Scotland, then emigrated to the New World. When they arrived they truthfully stated that they were from Ireland, but they were culturally Scots. There ARE a few Irish names with Mc, but no such rule that Mc is Irish and Mac Scottish. McDonald is the exact same name as MacDonald, both Scottish, both the same family and clan.

      2. The statement that Mc is Irish and Mac is Scottish in not correct. Mc is an abbreviation of Mac and both mean “son of”. There is another form, no longer in common use, that is M’.

        1. My grandfather was Christened MacDonald but due to a spelling error which was replicated on all of his official documents (he only had a grade 4 education before going to work in a factory), the Government forced him to officially change his name to McDonald before they would give him his pension!

    2. When my grandfather immigrated Macdonald was spelled with the lower case “d”. He came first to Canada and then down to San Francisco. The “d” was changed in America.

    3. Macdonald, McDonald, or MacDonald, these names are all “Anglified” to suit the socio-economics of the day. Many Americans think that the Mc is the Irish form of the name. It is not, although many Irish names have Mc; and a few are Mac, such as the Irish name, MacDonell, and MacDonal(l). If the names were turned back to the original Gaelic, we would find out more about the names. As a life member of the Clan Macpherson, I have cousins in the membership with all these different forms of the same clan name. However, I am sure the names were changed by immigration officers at the borders. Another interest is the migrants from Scotland in even earlier times, (mercenaries) with names you and I would recognise and found in Scandinavia, Russia and Poland, with different spellings. I have forgotten many, but the name “Gordon” is well recognised as Norman French, and yet mercenaries of that name have family with such name changes.

  24. My grandmother’s maiden name was Scott though we are pretty sure it was originally spelled Scot. Our ancestry has been traced back directly to Robert Brus.

  25. My mother is a Galbraith. I work for the Otter Tail County (MN) Historical Society and am currently documenting the influence of the Scots and Scotch-Irish immigrants to the county. It is extensive and the list of surnames and places of origin is amazing!

  26. My ancestor, Alexander Bisset Munro came to the US in the early 1800’s into Round Pond ME. We are spread all across the US now.

  27. My Blairs got here in the late 1600s. My mum’s side of my Scottish ancestory all either escaped or were transported after Culloden.

  28. My GGGgrandfather, Murdock MacLennan, was born in 1775. He came from the Village of Avernish, Perish of Lochalsh, Ross-Shire, Scotland. He was married to Annie Matheson. They had 3 Children: Murdock, Donald and Annie.

    My GGgrandfather, Murdock (#2), was born in the Village of Avernish in 1792, then married Christy MacCrae in 1816 and they had 9 children, all born in the Village of Avernish. Their children’s names were: #1) Julia, #2) Margaret, #3) John, #4) Murdock, #5) Donald (my Ggrandfather), #6) Eliza, #7) Mary,
    #8) Angus and #9) Finlay. My GGgrandfater, Murdock #2, then brought the entire family to Kincardine, Ontario, Canada about 1845-50? When they came to Canada, they changed the spelling of MacLennan to McLennan.

    All of the 9 children then married, and their children (49 in all), were all born in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. I have very little knowledge of where most of the family is today. A few have been traced, but most have been lost to history. My (Dum Spiro Spero- While I Breathe, I Hope) is that I can find more of my family.

    Murdock (#2) was also one of the original founders of Knox Presbyterian Church in Kincardine, Canada.

  29. My GFather was a Buchanan born 1850s in Rising Sun, In. His family goes back to before Revolution in US from Ireland 1 gen. And before that Scottland. My Gmother was Jessie Craig Park born1869 in Scotland. Her mother was Christine Dwar. Came to Canada 1900/1904 with 1st husband Andrew McNichol.

  30. My Father, John McLay, was from Glasgow and emigrated to the USA in 1920 with my Mother, Agnes Lennox Hood McLay who was from Kilmarnock.

  31. My 6th ggrandfather Thomas Sproul is found in New Castle, New Castle, Delaware serving in the Delaware militia in 1757 in Richard McWilliam Company of Foot. Still searching for information as to when and where he came from. Speculation Northern Ireland. Extensive family history in Scotland before that. Please visit my website and see if we have a family connection!

    1. Hello, Yes I was born in Helensburgh a little west of Glasgow where many ancestors lived. My father’s family are from the Isle of Skye.

  32. Family lore is that the family came from Scotland but we cannot find it there. It has been traced back to New York and New Jersey. More lore is that they were lighthouse keepers for 1000 years….likely incorrect. But supposedly “McCapes” means “keeper of the capes”. Also, there is the possibility that the name was changed sometime after arrival before the Revolution. Brick walls….

  33. My late mom was born in Blantyre (near Glasgow) in 1914. Her dad emigrated from the Irish County Cavan, in the village of Dowra, in the townland of Tullynafreave. Her mom is Helen Girvin, her maternal grandmother is Helen Cairns – all from Blantyre. My mom and her parents and siblings emigrated to New York City in 1928 and 1930. We still live in the New York area, mostly on Long Island, New York (near JFK Airport. We attend the local annual Scottish Games and Festival.

    1. My Mum was from Blantyre, born 1928. Immigrated to US in 1952. Our family name was Murphy (grandfather) and Burns (grandmother). Our ancestors include Cornfields of Blantyre.

  34. Great great grandfather Robert Campbell was from Ayrshire. Immigrated and Bought a farm around Ann Arbor Michigan along with his wife Anne Muir Campbell. My great grandfather was John Knox Campbell with his wife Anne. He farmed and preached. The farmhouse still exists as a rental property.

  35. Add my Knox family, Glasgow, name to the map. Other ancestors are Macleod, Campbell, Fraser and Johnstone. I actually inherited the family history book, Knox/Craig

    1. Hello! I am looking for my G.G.G.G. Grandfather Clarence? Daniel Johnson (1800-1857) he married a Celia Adeline Cole (1811-1892). They lived and died in Giles County, Tenn. Her family is linked to Clan Johnstone of Caskieben, Scotland. I don’t have much information on Daniel, any help would be greatly appreciated!


  36. I am a Wallace , McIntire, & Nesmith, and married an Angus. I have a lot of my Scottish history, also have my husbands history. Another thing I found was my connection to the Mayflower.

    1. I was surprised and pleased to see a Nesmith, which is my maternal grandmother’s family. I also have Blackburns and Scotts in my maternal grandfather’s family.

  37. Haven’t done much work on my Scots lineage, but enough to know that when they came to the US (early 18th c.) some changed the name to Cambron. Apparently this had to do with a change in religion. Earliest known ancestor in this line is John Baptist Cambron b. 1705 in Scotland and d. before 1789 in Nelson Co., KY. He is my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather.

  38. Hello,

    I have been doing genealogy since 1996. Found out that my 3 x great grandfather John McLean was born circa 1779. I am not sure where he was born. Maybe Ireland, maybe Scotland. He and his family(wife Isabelle Tweedy and children Joseph b. c 1801; John living in 1830; Jane b. c1807; Arthur b. c1811; Robert b. c1814; Michael b. c1816; Margaret b. c1820) sailed in 1823 from Ireland, and in May of 1823 they landed in New Brunswick, Canada. In 1837 his son Michael who was born circa 1816 married Nancy Sherrard. Their son Robert who was born in 1854 married Francis Isabella Cummings. In the mid to late 1800’s they moved to Prince Edward Island Canada. My grandfather James Albin McLean was born in Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada. My grandfather moved to Boston, MA. He married Helen Maude aka Ellen Saunders in December 1909. Ellen was born in Spring Valley, Prince Edward Island, Canada. My Dad Bernard Albin McLean was one of 8 children born in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. I was lucky that I found a book OLD NORTH ESK on the MIRAMACHI by W.D. Hamilton. This book has the history of New Brunswick with maps in Part 1, Part 2 is Genealogy on the families that settled in Old North Esk. I have never been to Duart Castle home of the Clan but I would love to attend The Gathering in 2017. Cheers!!!

    1. My Grandmother’s family were McLeans, they lived in Motherwell, Scotland. Duart Castle is really something to see. When you visit you must sign the family guestbook.

    2. Reading comments and came across your comment. We were in Scotland this summer, looking for my ancestors in cemeteries. I have Tweedy(ie) ancestors. Found a grave site for several in Wanlockhead, which was a lead mining town. The Tweedys came to Canada and then to US in my family tree. Hope you have a great day.

  39. I’m Michael Boyd living in West Sacramento, CA. Great Grandpa is Daniel Boone—-Grandpa Raymond V Boyd—Father Floyd R Boyd.

    1. Daniel Boone brought my 7th Great Grandfather to TN. because the hunting was good. Mine had the 1th white baby in TN. before it was a state…He made guns…….

  40. My ancesters Hardy, Irving, Rae, Carruthers, My 8th cousin Jamie Carruthers owns the oldest continuing estate in Scoland Dormont I believe he is the 13th Duke

  41. My family in MN have just started connecting with other relations in Canada with the name Monteith…it has been difficult find many with that name. My Grandfather was Monteith and his mother was MacDonald. We are slowly piecing it together. Is this name not as common?

  42. I am 5th generation in Canada. My great great grandfather John McDermid came here with the infamous Chief of McNab who got a grant of land from the King which he tried to keep instead of sharing with the settlers like he was supposed to. My great great grandfather (on mother’s side) was a McNab ( different branch from the chief) who also came here with the chief of McNab. They came from around the Firth of the Fourth area. I am very interested in meeting other descendents.

  43. Mothers maiden name is Primrose from Dunbartonshire. Grandpa Primrose married a Macgregor from Aberfoyle. The Fairfax cemetery in Linn/Benton County has a multitude of Scots like Robertson, Allen, Collins, Maclean, Wilson and Snadden plus many more. I can supply a complete list if anybody is Alba gu braugh!

  44. I like this idea. I grew up in a small town in Missouri but now live in Oklahoma. I still have relatives with Ross ancestry that live in MO. I’d like to get MO on the map.

  45. My husband’s ancestors were from Clan Gunn. We go to the Portland Highland Games in July, at Mt Hood Community Collage in Gresham, Oregon. We host the Clan Gunn tent there. We also host the clan Gunn tent at Kelso, Washington, in September at Tam O Shanter Park.

  46. My stepfather was a Hayden, a Sept of clan Hay.
    My husband is a decedent of Jasper Gunn, 1600’s Massachusetts, and his grandmother was a Nelson, a Sept of clan Gunn. We have hosted the clan Gunn tent at the Portland Highland Games, (in Gresham, Oregon), and at Kelso (Washington) Highland Festival And Games several times. And I am looking forward to hosting a clan tent again the summer of 2015, at the Portland Highland Games, and the Kelso Highland Festival And Games, and possibly at another site.

    1. My maternal grandfather is a Graham and grandmother a Hay, both from Kilmarnock…. Appears to have also previously had a period of time in Armagh County Ireland. My Mum, Jessie Graham came to Canada in 1925 with her mother (Jean) and sister (Agnes). Her older brother (James), joined them a year later. Her father (James) died before she was born in 1916.

  47. I am from the clan McQuorrie, but it was changed to McCrary in the United States. I can trace my line back to the Tribe of Judah but we need more information on the link between Scotland and the United States, probably in the 1600s.

  48. Couldn’t get into country and town. USA and Hobe Sound, FL. 100% interested in geneology. Thanks for your help. Great idea.

  49. My father and his family all came from Nova Scotia..Sheet Harbour area is the last location known. All but one brother came to live in New York. My father died in the late 30’s at a young age. He was the oldest of 9 I believe. I have contact with one cousin from the whole clan. Would love to expand that so if there are any Munroes out there lets see if we are related.!

  50. I’ve always had trouble finding out much about my surname – McKinstry – so this will be a great way to find out a little more, hopefully.

  51. My Grandfather and his parents were born in Scotland. He fought with the Seaforth Highlanders. My Greatgrand mother was the daughter of John Douglas who was married to Mary Clarkson.

  52. I am of the Campbell’s of Cherry Valley, NY. The Campbell family was one of the most important among the early settlers of Cherry Valley. It is said their descent from the time of William the Conqueror. The American branch of the family is supposed to be directly descended from Sir Archibald Campbell, who was descended from Lord Campbell the first Earl of Argyll.
    Sir Archibald’s third son, William, of the House os Auchinbreck, was the father of William of Wester Kames. He was the father of William Campbell, born in Campbelltown, Argyllshire, Scotland, who took part in the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685. He escaped to the north of Ireland and was a lieutenant colonel in the Protestant Army under William of Orange at the siege of Londonderry, Ireland, in 1689. He lived there until he died.
    His son James Campbell, born in 1690 in Londonderry, Ireland, came to American in 1728. He lived first at Boston, but in 1735 moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire. In 1741 with a group of friends he took his family to the wilderness, later known as Cherry Valley. He acquired a large part of the Lendesay Patent lying north of the village, on which one of his descendants still lives. He died in 1770 at the age of 80. His wife, Sarah Simpson, also was born in Ireland – in 1694. Her father was William Simpson of Argyll, Scotland, who was likewise a lieutenant colonel at the siege of Londonderry in 1689. She died at cherry Valley in 1773 at the age of 79.
    When James Campbell and his wife came to America, a group of about thirty emigrated with them. The leader was the Rev Samuel Dunlop, and among the group were David Ramsey, William Gault, and William Dickson, all men who became prominent in Cherry Valley history.
    James Campbell is said to have erected the first grist mill in Cherry Valley, in 1743-44. He and his wife had five children 1. Elizabeth, born in Londonderry, NH, married William Dickson of Cherry Valley of who I am descent. Elizabeth was scalped during the Cherry Valley Massacre.
    I would love to meet more of my clan Campbell family here.

    1. I used to live 40 miles from Inveraray Castle. Also you might be interested in Kilmun Church on the shore of the Holy Loch, it’s a burial ground of the Clan Campbell and the Mausoleum is currently being restored.

    1. Awesome! both sides of my family were also from Isle of Skye. MacKenzie (father), MacLean (mother), MacKay (maternal g.grandmother), MacDougall (paternal grandmother) and MacDonald (maternal grandmother)

    2. Check out The or Clan MacKinnon Society on Facebook. You have a great bunch of “cousins” out there!!

    3. Mine ancestors also came from Skye in early 1800 to NC and then to Tennessee by 1836. Check out website or Clan MacKinnon Society on Facebook. Lots of great cousins there. We all gather every 2 years. We just met in Stone Mt, Georgia in October. Check us out!

  53. Just added my marker in Wyoming. Wasn’t sure what name to put—ancestor from Dunrossness, Shetland Islands was Malcolm Malcolm but by time family came to North America name was Malcomson. So I went with my Grandmother’s maiden name–Malcomson. Please correct if needed. Am so happy to have found this site!!

    1. Several Wisconsin colleges” formed a consortium and lease Dalkeith Palace in Dalkeith, Scotland for their Wisconsin in Scotland program. Students from the consortium colleges and other Wisconsin State colleges attend Dalkeith usually for a semester. The courses are taken from the state college’s curriculum. Student fees and room and board are the same costs as they are in the students home campus. Instructors are from the faculty of the consortium colleges. Transportation fees are not included. Wisconsin in Scotland at Dalkeith has well over 3000 alumni. There headquarters are located at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, River Falls, Wisconsin.; Dalkeith is one of the Duke of Buccleuch’s estates.

  54. Born in Edinburgh Scotland 1953, 1960 moved to East Kilbride Scotland worked for Rolls Royce In 1980 moved to Toronto Canada worked there driving a bus in Toronto for 29 yrs now retired and living 7hrs north of Toronto,I do Video for the Kirkland Lake junior A hockey team follow us on Facebook KL Goldminers Video.

    1. Just wondering if you wouldn’t happen to know an Angus MacKinnon from the Toronto area? He’s my uncle and I haven’t spoken to him in many years. My Mom (his sister) passed in 2010 and we couldn’t find him! He’s originally from Perth, Scotland.

    2. My Ferguson ancestor was Daniel Ferguson. Captured at the battle of Dunbar in 1650, he was sold to English investors and shipped to the New World aboard the ship Unity. Lucky for him (and me!) he was one a few men who were sent to the Province of Maine, then part of Massachusetts. He died about a decade later, leaving a farm and a small estate to his widow and 6 surviving children. There have been Fergusons in Maine and Massachusetts ever since.

  55. Love this, such a great idea. My family fortunate enough to live in Dunoon, Scotland from 1978-1980. All 3 of my sons came back to the US speaking with a Scottish brogue.

  56. My husband, children and all the McDole extended family relate back to John(?) McDole in Beaver Co., PA. So far,we believe the family came to the USA from Ireland via several generations in Scotland, but that is not verified. My mom’s Burnett line dates back to 1375 in Leys, Kincardinshire, Scotland. Her paternal grandmother was a Runnells, which line goes back to two brothers who fled attacks from either pirates or Native Indians on their grandfather’s farm on Nova Scotia and rowed to Maine.
    Thanks for your efforts on this project.

  57. My ancestor landed here in Canada in 1904 I believe. Last known i fo was that three McKnight boys came here via ship while four older McKnight siblings stayed in Scotland. How I would love to find cousins to visit with my boys.

  58. When you have finished gathering data, I hope you republish the map in a different graphic format so the concentration of markers is easier to see. Also, a table of the names/families submitted and their numbers would be great.



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  59. My family were the Loccards from France and relocated to Scotland and remained there for years. They fought with The King Of Scotland, William The Bruce. The Queen of Scotland gave them the name of carrier of the heart in locked box as they gave it to her after the King’s death (Lockhart). Then landed in North Carolina living in South Carolina fighting against the British and drop the ha in name to Lockert. Finally ending up in Tennessee.

  60. My grandmother was a Stewart . My fathers father last name was Shevlin which is Irish . My father was born in Glasgow . He would never admit his Irish back grown since his father was lost at sea before he was born .

    1. Mary McLeman Brown
      Family names from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire emigrating in the 1920’s toNorth America(USA/Canada), are Duthie,McLeman,Scott,Noble,Rennie. Duthie involved in salmon fishing industry; Alex was his first name. Met him in the 1950’s at my parents’ home (McLeman) in the Boston,MA area. Any connections??

  61. Tried this earlier today and saw that ‘Riddell’ was auto-corrected to ‘Russell’.
    Love the web page.


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