Remembering The Scots Who Fell At The Alamo


At least four Scots died for Liberty and Texas: Richard W Ballantine, Isaac Robinson, David L Wilson and piper John McGregor, at the hands of a 3,000-strong Mexican army.

Led by Davy Crockett, for four days they helped defend the tiny fortress at the Alamo.

After the battle, 1,400 Mexicans and each of the 189 defenders lay dead. Such was the heroism displayed that day, that the rest of Texas was inspired to rise up and defeat General Santa Anna and his army just a few months later.

According to local legend, Crockett endeavoured to maintain the spirits of his men on the eve of battle by playing on his fiddle. He knew, and they knew, that they all faced certain death. Accompanying him on the bagpipes was John McGregor.

  • Richard W. Ballentine (1814-1836), was born in Scotland and traveled to Texas from Alabama aboard the Santiago and disembarked on December 9, 1835. 22 years old.
  • Isaac Robinson (1808-1836), was born in Scotland and came to Texas from Louisiana. He took part in the siege of Bexarqv and later served in the Alamo garrison as a fourth sergeant in Capt. William R. Carey’sqv artillery company. 28 years old.
  • David L. Wilson (1807-1836), son of James and Susanna (Wesley) Wilson, was born in Scotland. In Texas he lived in Nacogdoches with his wife, Ophelia. Wilson was probably one of the volunteers who accompanied Capt. Philip Dimmittqv to Bexar and the Alamo in the early months of 1836. He remained at the Alamo after Dimmitt left on the first day of the siege. 29 years old.
  • John McGregor (1808-1836), was born in Scotland and lived in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1836. He took part in the siege of Bexarqv and later served in the Alamo garrison as a second sergeant of Capt. William R. Carey’sqv artillery company. Piper at the Alamo. 28 years old.

When their end was near and according to folklore, all men were brought together when the Robert Burn’s version of ‘Green Grow the Rashes’ was sung.

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