On This Day: Famous Fiddler, James MacPherson Was Hanged At Banff


Today in 1700 James MacPherson, the famous fiddling freebooter, was hanged at Banff.

The town clock was said to have been advanced to forestall a messenger carrying a reprieve for his hanging. Legend has it that before the notorious outlaw musician was hanged for sheep and cattle stealing he treated the crowd to one of his own compositions, “Macpherson’s Rant,” and then broke the fiddle over his knee. When Burns heard of the tale he wrote the song “Macpherson’s Farewell”.

Listen to the Corrie’s perform ‘MacPheron’s Rant’

James MacPherson’s broken fiddle can be seen at the Clan MacPherson Musuem, Newtonmore.

James MacPherson's Broken Fiddle

James MacPherson’s Broken Fiddle

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