Champion of Tartan inducted into the Hall of Fame at Scottish Fashion Awards

Fashion, Style

Vivienne Westwood the celebrated clothing designer who has influenced fashion sine the mid-70s was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2014 Awards for her significant contribution to the Scottish fashion and industry.


Over the years, Westwood has paraded a wide variety of tartan on the catwalk and has been a great ambassador for the Scottish textile industry.

The awards’ founder, Tessa Hartmann, said: “She personifies the powerful and subversive originality of British fashion and has done more for Scottish textiles than any other designer of her generation.

“Her brand name is synonymous with the tartan pattern and her fascination for this iconic fabric is unrelenting. By using a mix of different tartans, her ensembles explore the rich depth of colour and diversity of the traditional checked pattern that is adored around the world.”

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