Arun Gandhi – celebrating Tartan Week with the World Peace Tartan

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Arun Gandhi, Grandson of ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi, will be celebrating Tartan Week with the World Peace Tartan and joining the runway at the biggest Scottish fashion event – From Scotland With Love, on April 8th.

Arun Manilal Gandhi, 79, was born in apartheid South Africa. During his early teen years he lived with his Grandfather in India where he received one-on-one daily instruction from ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi on understanding violence, its causes and nature and the opposite living philosophy of nonviolence. Arun shares these lessons all around the world as a globally known activist.

Arun and his late wife Sunanda started projects in India for the social and economic uplifting of the oppressed using constructive programs, the backbone of Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence. These programs have changed the lives of more than half a million people in over 300 villages and they continue to grow today.

From Scotland With Love has established itself as the biggest platform promoting Scotland in New York, attracting media interest around the World. Arun Gandhi’s participation at this event, helping promote the World Peace Tartan,  helps lift it to the next level.

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  1. Greetings from Adelaide, South Australia

    What a wonderful surprise to see that there is a World Peace Tartan and how beautiful it is.

    That Arun will be on the runaway at the celebrations of Tartan Week only makes me wish I could be there to join in the celebrations myself.

    Good luck to everyone – have a great week.

    Rosemary McKay
    Wishing You Peace

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