Help map Scottish Gaelic across the USA

Help map Scottish Gaelic across the USA!


Everyone interested in learning Gaelic, currently speaking Gaelic as a native or fluent speaker, or teaching Gaelic, is invited to add a marker – with the aim of mapping Scottish Gaelic interest across the USA.

View map and add marker


The map is a key part of the project by Braw Media (we also publish!) to help promote minority languages, including Scottish Gaelic. Perhaps due to the success of the TV drama Outlander there has been a growing interest in Gaelic, as more Scots around the World wish to connect to their history. What better way than learning a few phrases in Gaelic?

In the pipeline – Braw Media are also developing a new app to help beginners with Gaelic pronunciation. Using speech recognition the app provides automatic feedback on the accuracy of your pronunciation. The main aim is to help build user confidence so that you can quickly master a number of Gaelic phrases just with the app. Find out more about Braw Media’s Gaelic app project.

If you are interested in Scottish Gaelic please add a marker to the map.

Mòran Taing!

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