Celebrate St Andrew’s Day – by this time next year your could be speaking more Gaelic!


If you always wanted to learn Gaelic but were put off by the pronunciation, help may soon be at hand with the development of a new app that aims to make it easier to learn Gaelic!

We have recently launched the project on Kickstarter and would appreciate your help. The app  will use the latest automated speech recognition technology to provide feedback on your pronunciation – with the idea that you can practice and build-up your confidence speaking Gaelic on your phone.

The app aims to help reduce many of the barriers and fears people have in learning a new language. Language models are being created for Gaelic, Gaelic and Welsh, so that a number of languages will benefit.

The development is being led by Magnus Orr. He said, “many people are simply put-off learning a new language, for fear of getting it wrong. We want to help remove that fear, by developing a new app that can provide feedback on your pronunciation. So that step by step you can improve fluency”.

We also invited people to help map Gaelic interest around the World. So far 780 markers have been added from 54 countries. Spurred on by the TV drama ‘Outlander’ and the film ‘Brave’, there is growing interest in learning Gaelic in North America.

The company is seeking funding to help develop the app on Kickstarter, the popular crowd-sourcing platform, where if people like an idea they can make a small donation, if the project reaches its target the project will proceed. Magnus Orr added, “apart from helping fund the development of this project, Kickstarter provides an excellent way to help validate the growing interest in learning Gaelic”.

The language project will face a number of challenges, as well as taking into account different dialects and regional variations, the company needs to develop language models for each language. “There are synergies in trying to solve this challenge for Gaelic, Gaelic and Welsh, even though each language is significantly different we can apply the same process to benefit each language”.

The app aims to open up learning language to a new generation and increase interest in learning. We would welcome your support!



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