Clan Boswell

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Brief History of the Clan Boswell The Boswells are of Norman origin, Sieur de Bosville having arrived in England with William the Conqueror and commanded some of the Norman forces …

Clan Boyd

Clan Boyd

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Brief History of the Clan Boyd Sir Robert Boyd fought at the Battle of Bannockburn 1314 for Robert the Bruce – victory led him to be granted lands in Ayrshire. …


Rosslyn Chapel

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Rosslyn Chapel, formally known as the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, is a 15th-century chapel located at the village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland. The chapel was founded in the mid-15th …


Historic Scotland Set To Change Name

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Historic Scotland, the organisation responsible for safeguarding the nation’s historic environment, is set to change its name on Oct 1st, to…  ‘Historic Environment Scotland’.   This is to mark the …